Caring for Your Lawn – The Basics


A well looked after lawn is something that looks incredible. Any property can be enhanced by a lawn that is well maintained and green all year round. On the other hand, a poorly maintained lawn can detract from the property rather than add to it. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics of lawn care.


Understand When to Seed and Fertilise

Gardening experts tend to suggest using a fertiliser in spring. Autumn is another time of year when you should examine the grass carefully and decide whether or not it needs a boost. If you need to put down new seeds then this is best done from late on in summer through to the middle of autumn. You could also do it in spring but in this case you would need to take more care in watering it regularly afterwards.


Add a Path or Stepping Stones

Worn patches of grass can ruin the look of any lawn. Yet, this can seem impossible to avoid if people have to walk over it in order to get to the house or to the car, for instance. The best solution in this case is to make a path or create a series of stepping stones to walk on. In this way, you keep everyone’s feet off your grass and let it grow in peace. This approach doesn’t mean that you need to settle for an ugly garden, though. By using the likes of Indian sandstone paving slabs you can create a wonderful path or stepping stone series of slabs that contrasts neatly with the grass.


Water It Regularly

The issue of when to water grass is something that causes a lot more confusion than it really should. To start with, during a rainy spell it may not be necessary to water your lawn at all.

However, during dry periods you should look for signs that the ground is dry and hard. If it is then you should use an aerating tool to spike the earth before watering, to allow the water to penetrate. Normally, watering every week or 10 days is enough to keep grass in good shape. You will want to be careful to do this before it turns yellow or brown, as it is then too late to help.


Clear Out Weeds

Perhaps the simplest but most easily neglected lawn maintenance task is that of clearing out weeds. Very few people regard this as a fun job but it is something that has to be done to keep the garden tidy and healthy. If you do it regularly then it will be easier to control them, while letting the weeds run out of control can lead to a serious headache. Many people use a weed killer to get rid of these unwanted guests, with spring being the best time of year to banish them. You will also find recipes for home-made organic weed killers online if you want to avoid harsh chemicals.


Making your lawn your pride and joy shouldn’t be something that takes up too much time and energy. By understanding what to do and when, you can look after your grass confidently and with a minimum of fuss.

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