Do it yourself or by a professional?


To undertake work for one’s home is often a step that requires reflection and raises many questions. Is the project feasible? Are resources available to achieve the expected result? But above all, do you have to carry out your work yourself or by a professional like Honey Doers?

To dirty your hands to give life to your desires

With the trend of “Do It, Yourself” (or DIY) appeared in recent years, more and more do-it-yourselfers have discovered themselves and decided to embark on the adventure of housing works. The first, and main argument, is that this option is an interesting economic solution. Rolling up his sleeves to carry out his work yourself is a way to save a professional’s performance. And very often, when the project is completed, it is a rewarding experience.

But is this solution within everyone’s reach? Because, although advantageous in certain ratios, it also has not negligible drawbacks. First, carrying out work requires a perfect organization that requires asking the right questions:

  • Am I able to carry out this project myself?
  • What knowledge is needed in the field?
  • What budget should be allocated to the work?
  • How long will the work be required?
  • What tools are needed to achieve them?

Before launching, you must already choose the right tool and equip yourself correctly

The effort and time to allocate to the work are important factors to consider before embarking on work. If the project comes from a pressing need for the installation of a first tile, the decision will not be the same as if the project represents a desire characterized by the installation of an external blind. Nor will the skills required be the same.

The choice of serenity, the choice of a craftsman

These elements can push you to choose to go through a professional who will realize your project from A to Z.

To go through an external service provider is the assurance of a quality result and that will benefit from the ten-year guarantee of vigor. Moreover, it is possible to ascertain the legitimacy of a craftsman and to check his references by going to his work sites, which is impossible when one chooses to go for the first time in the development of his home. Another important element to note the presence of an after-sales service in case of worries. Finally, getting your work done is also a way to save time, and as everyone knows, time is money.

Of course, finding the right provider is sometimes difficult, and often expensive! The time and effort spent looking for the rare gem can discourage. Not to mention that query request and negotiation are also factors that can further delay the process.

Between advantages and disadvantages on both sides, decision-making often becomes a real headache. Each case is specific and requires special consideration.

Where does Honey Doers fit into this? I like My Artisan it is the combination of the advantages of each of the two solutions without the disadvantages. Negotiated prices, certified artisans, and controlled results, all for a peaceful work experience. After all, there is so much more to life than finding the right key to the good nut!

There is no ideal solution, but if there were to be one, it would probably be called


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