The Best Tools You Can Use For Ceramic Tile Cutting


When it comes to renovating your home, many tasks or jobs can be turned into DIY projects to be completed in your spare time.  Tiling is a common DIY project for upgrading your bathroom, kitchen or any sink back splash.  Not all ceramic tiles are the same and different tools are required.  Not only do the tiles themselves differ, the type of cuts needed often require different tools.

The following is a breakdown of the tools required for different types and techniques of dealing with tiles in your home renovations.

Cutting Out Your Existing Tiles

Sometimes you need to cut out an existing tile to add a light switch or some other fixture.  Replacing a scratched or broken tile will also require the same thing.  The tool for this job is a wet tile saw, a circular saw sporting a tile blade or the ever popular oscillating multi-tool.

Ceramic Tile Cutting

Straight Cuts When Quantity and Accuracy is Key

If you’re cutting all the tiles for a certain room or project and the cuts need to straight and fast.  In this case your best tool is a tabletop wet tile saw in order to get the job done.  These saws can be rented or bought if you are planning on doing renovations consistently.

Limited Quantity Tile Cutting

Cutting just a few tiles for a small room and doing it on a budget requires an inexpensive tool.  Grab yourself a snap tile cutter for the cuts that get hidden under baseboards and absolute accuracy is not required.  These cutters work like glasscutters where the score and then snap the tile along the seam.

When Curves And Corners Are Present

The simplest form of tile cutting tool in your arsenal would be the tile nipper tool.  A spring-loaded pliers that features a hardened carbide clipper blades.  This tool is cost effective and allows you to create custom curves by chipping off small portions of tile at a time.

Center Holes Or Edge Cuts

A rotary tool with a diamond bit is your best tool for cutting into the middle of a tile or edge cuts.  These tools do not cut very straight lines but can be used to freehand a shape or cut out the hole for an electrical socket or what have you.  A rotary tool is fairly expensive but can also pull double duty on the worksite.

Having the right tools to get the job done is important if you want the job done right.  Check out the website of Canada’s tile cutting experts at  The professional staff can assist you in choosing the correct tool for the job and they fully stand behind every product they sell.  They also sell a wide range of Continental Diamond cutting products designed for renovation professionals.

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