An Overview of Travertine Tiles and Ideas of Installation


Travertine is a type of natural stone that is developed with the passing time when the minerals get deposited on the surface of the earth due to meandering of the rivers and the springs. For instance – huge deposits of this stone is found in most of the volcanic areas. It is a type of the limestone that somehow look like the marble but it is quite cheap and can easily be brought to various shapes depending upon the requirements of the customers. Travertine stone is gaining importance in these days. Most of the home owners are using this stone in their kitchen counter tops, bathroom flooring and porch areas as well.

As in the case of the room floors, travertine tile enhance the beauty of the home and make a gateway for the guests who are entering in the home. You can use light shades of this stone over the surface and they put the darker shades so that it creates difference in the process. There are various types and shades, choose the right one that suits your interiors.

Angelica Gold Travertine

In the case of the countertops, travertine is widely used in the kitchen to enhance the look of the kitchen and also make it more beautiful. Darker shades of travertine are best for your kitchen. You can also arrange the light colored travertine and use it in a diamond design in the countertop. You can also use this tile in combination of darker and lighter color. You can fill the small grout in between the tiles with the help of sealing to avoid stains.

When you are using travertine in the bathroom, you will definitely feel that your bathroom has transformed in the Mediterranean age. The ivory color of the travertine is very popular in these days. You can use the home-finished or the tumbled travertine tiles in the bathroom to bring a unique effect in the area. For a better design, you can use the marble sink and a travertine floor to bring a complete spa look.

Apart from these, you can also travertine tiles in the fireplace. You can install this tile and increase the value of your home.

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