Get More Out Of Your Commercial Real Estate Investment


When it comes to commercial Property Management, many property owners are under the impression that the goal is to keep units occupied and collect the rent. And, while this is a vital part of the property management continuum, the truth of the matter is that it is a small part of a very large and somewhat complex strategy that, when done well, is designed to not only generate revenues, but increase property values by creating retail spaces that benefit property owners, retail customers and businesses alike. Here are some of the various elements of a successful commercial property management strategy:

Commercial leasing

Commercial leasing is much more than simply putting businesses into a retail space. It is about defining the goals and characteristics of a particular retail property and then finding the right tenants for the space. Business owners understand the importance of finding the right space for their retail business and good property managers know how to find the right space for each tenant. It requires discipline as well as a good working knowledge of the properties in a particular market in order to create the best retail shopping center spaces.

Daily Operations

In addition to providing better commercial leasing services, a good commercial property management company provides a bevy of services that cover a variety of different disciplines for the property owner. For example, they can provide staffing services for maintenance personnel as well as screen companies that are able to provide quality contracted services such as landscaping, window cleaning and more. In addition, property management firms provide accounting services including rent collection, bookkeeping, payables and more. Having these services available makes it possible for investors from out of the state to invest in properties in certain hot markets without having the burden of being present.


Few property management companies are able to provide the services required to take a retail space and customize it to fit the needs of highly desirable tenants. However, those that can are highly desirable.

Regardless of what you are looking for in a commercial property management firm, Retail Solutions Advisors can provide it. Retail Solutions Advisors is the leading name in commercial property management in Florida. They offer all of the services that you need to create a viable, profitable and valuable retail shopping space. They not only offer all of the basic property management services you might expect, but many that you aren’t aware of. In addition to providing a range of property management solutions, they also provide the best tenant representation services. This means that they are able to connect the right tenants with the right spaces to create robust retail shopping experiences for everyone involved. Whether you own Commecial Real Estate in Florida or are looking to invest, take a moment and schedule an appointment with the leading provider of commercial property management solutions: Retail Solutions Advisors.

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