Answered – The Most Common Questions about Air Conditioning Systems Asked by the General Public


The average company specializing in air conditioning repair in Plano, Tx, will be commonly asked questions by the general public. Some of the same questions pop up again and again, though. In an effort to educate the general public, these most commonly asked questions are answered below.

Why Does the Air Conditioner Run Too Much?

If an air conditioning system is running too much, it’s worth taking a look at the thermostat. If the settings are correct, a weak battery can be the cause. Low batteries are notorious for having an adverse effect on the thermostat.

But mostly this problem boils down to incorrect settings.

Why Does My Air Conditioner break at the Start of summer?

Air conditioning maintenance companies always receive a large number of calls at the start of the summer season. This is the time where people begin to switch on the AC after a lengthy layoff. These malfunctions happen because of a lack of preventative maintenance.

Severe storms and heavy snow place a lot of strain on the system. Without maintenance through the winter months, the systems simply don’t function when they’re needed.

Can I Carry Out Maintenance on My Air Conditioning System?

It may seem like a good idea to conduct maintenance on your AC. But whilst this is economical, it can often lead to greater problems in the process. So many people get into a situation where they think they’re fixing a problem only to make it worse.

Basic troubleshooting can be performed, and extremely basic procedures like changing the filter can be done without the help of a professional. Anything more than this is asking for trouble. You must have a professional conduct regular maintenance and repair work.

What Happens if My Equipment Malfunctions Constantly?

The number one sign that your AC is ready to be replaced is regular malfunctions. In the same way as a car, after 10-15 years, the problems start to mount up. When this happens, the cost and the inconvenience are far outweighed by the benefits of purchasing a brand new unit.

It may mean a significant outlay now, but in the long-term you’ll discover this to be a fantastic investment.

What’s the Best Air Conditioning Unit?

It’s impossible to say what the best unit for you is. It depends on your home. Professionals will carry out a load calculation on the household to see which units will meet your demands. You may well decide to install a dual unit – one which also produces heat as well.

There are so many possibilities that it’s impossible to recommend one unit.

It differs on a case-by-case basis. So call in a professional to help you make this decision.


There’s so much to take into account when you’re thinking about AC units. You even have to take into account things like energy tax credits. With alternative energy options firmly in the spotlight, an efficient air conditioner can do the world of good for both the environment and your wallet.

Which air conditioning unit are you interested in?

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