Roof Leaks’ are perhaps one of the costly and most common issues homeowners have to face often. According to many contractors and builder that it is very hard to find the main source of many roof leaks because the originating point of leaks is mostly far away from where we see leaks. Just like many other problems that need urgent importance, repairing a roof leak must also be given the highest priority on your list of home maintenance. There are variety of reasons for these leaks such as improper or weak roof installation, wind or thunderstorm damages, Water pipes dripping, Clogged gutters and most importantly due to lack of regular maintenance.

That’s simply the main reason why roof leaks are considered as the mother of all maintenance concerns that building owner’s fear to face. Therefore in order to help you in preventing these leaks, we bring here some of the ultimate solutions from one of our best Roofing Contractors in Lincoln Park Michigan, experts in fixing any kind of roof. Since there can be numerous different ways to prevent water leakages but following are some of the most reliable and durable solutions to your roof leakage issues.

  • Mend the blisters

First cut a line gently through the middle of the blister with a knife or cutter, but try to do it a proper way so you could not cut the sound roofing felt {substrate) underneath by any mistake. Then soak up all the water inside the blister and squeeze it out. These areas need to be completely dry.

  • Straighten out curled back shingles

During winters, you might need to soften the shingle edge with heat, most likely the use of electric hair dryer. Use of any other open flame, torch or heat source is not necessarily required, and whether shingles are flame retardant or not, an excess of any heat source can easily ruin the shingle.

  • Fixing Shingles:

This process simply makes it easier to find on a flat roof, from where the leaks are coming into the house. So if the roof is slanted, then search for the higher areas on the roof to find out how the leak enters the home. But if it is an attic, then inspect for mold, water stains or black marks with the flashlight.

  • Mind in the Gutter

Many of us often don’t realize that how important it is to install their gutters. And they need to be sloped properly to drain, very tightly fastened, and should always be free of debris. Builder and contractors should not only stress but force the homeowners that gutter maintenance is necessary and it should be left to some professional to avoid any disaster.

Lastly, you are not bound to stick around these methods there are other ways as well like Roll Roofing, replacing all the damaged shingles, looking for damaged shakes and inspecting for connections and so on, that can definitely help in preventing the roof leaks. Despite this, if a proper maintenance and inspection are done on regular basis by some expert contractors, it can surely help you prevent such small issues from becoming major roof leaks.

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