A Buying Guide for Wheelbarrows and Garden Carts


If you are a serious gardener, you must definitely consider buying a wheelbarrow or a garden cart in order to move things around. You will have to transport a lot of things in your garden including leaves, mulch, soil, seeds, bricks, and garden equipment. Instead of carrying these things by hand and making to and fro trips several times, it is quite convenient to use and a wheelbarrow or a garden cart. There are certain things that are simply not practical to do without using an equipment to transport things from one spot to another.

But what are the differences between a wheelbarrow or a garden cart? They’re both quite similar when it comes to their functionality, but they also have their unique advantages as well as disadvantages. It clearly depends on the task that needs to be performed and the ability of the user to push or pull the cart or barrow.

Garden Carts

In a garden cart, you will typically find a horizontal tray and vertical sides. They are also usually fitted with four wheels. Generally, you would pull a garden cart. So if you find it easier to pull things than to push them, you would want to buy a garden cart. There are certain garden carts that can also be attached to a small motorized tractor or a lawnmower. Then it becomes even more easy to pull them along. Garden carts will also have large pneumatic wheels that are ideally suited for both smooth surfaces as well as a rough one. However, on uneven surfaces it can be slightly more difficult to maneuver garden cart than a wheelbarrow.

Your garden cart can have either solid or mesh sides. To make it easy to load and unload things, these sites can also be lowered. Some garden carts will also come with an internal liner which can come in quite handy when you want to transport smaller items.

In a wheelbarrow, there will be sides that are slightly sloped in order to make it easy to take the barrow. Wheelbarrows are generally oblong in shape and are usually pushed from behind. They are easy to control unless loaded with very heavy weight. Wheelbarrows typically have one wheel but some of them also have two wheels. A wheelbarrow with just a single wheel is very easy to navigate and move around unless it is very heavy. A two wheel barrow may not be as easy to move as one with just one wheel, but it could be more stable when you tip it to unload.

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