Is Your Garage Insulated? If Not, You Could Be In Trouble


You may think that insulating your garage door only matters if you live in cold climates. While a well-insulated garage certainly helps during the cooler months, it’s actually important to keep your garage insulated year-round and in all types of weather.

Apart from controlling the climate of your garage, which is necessary in below freezing temperatures, insulation can also help reduce outside noise, make your garage door last longer, and most importantly, increase the energy efficiency of your home.

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If you live on a noisy or busy street and can hear cars driving by constantly, honking, and children playing out front, there’s a good chance that a lot of that noise is entering your home through the garage. Your walls and windows are already well-insulated, but if your garage door is not, a lot of noise is entering through there. Consider insulating your garage door if you live in a loud area.

Insulation makes your garage door more durable. It adds more layers and padding to your garage door, meaning more protection. If all your garage door has to defend itself is one layer of construction material, you’d better hope it’s constructed with very strong materials! Even double-layered garage doors can’t beat insulated garage doors. When you insulate your garage door, you’re giving it three layers: the visible outer layer, the inside layer, and the insulation that fills the gap in between these two layers. With added layers and thickness, this is the strongest your garage door can get.

By insulating your garage door, you are preventing heat from leaving your home through your garage. Every time you heat your home and heat escapes through the garage door, that is wasted energy and wasted money out of your wallet. If you spend a lot of time in your garage building or working on your car, you’ll probably want to heat the garage itself from time to time. Without a properly insulated garage door, much of this heat will escape.

Energy efficiency requires not only good insulation, but also good weather stripping and garage door seals. If your garage door is well-insulated but there are huge gaps between the door and your garage walls, that doesn’t do anyone any good. So make sure that in addition to insulation, your garage door has these features as well.

If you’re unsure about how well-insulated or energy-efficient your garage door is, you can always contact your local garage door installation and repair company. They can have someone come out to your home, take a look at your garage and garage door, and give you advice based on your situation. The people they send out may even be able to install some extra insulation for you. If you really want to ensure that your garage is well-insulated, or if your garage door is very old and worn, the garage door repair company can also just install a brand new, energy-efficient garage door for you.

Most homes these days are well-insulated, but they often neglect the garage area as not being a part of the house. The insulation of your garage still has a significant impact on the rest of your home. So make sure you have a well-insulated, energy-efficient garage door today.

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