6 Tips for Installing Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is an effective and inexpensive way to cover larger areas of your home. If you possess the knowledge about where to start and how to get done with it, it can help you install the laminate flooring successfully.

Here are 6 tips which you can follow to install laminate flooring in your home.

  • Keep the Subfloor Ready

You can’t get the laminate flooring installed on unleveled surfaces. It would affect the longevity and durability of your floor. So, you need to get the subfloor inspected to detect the areas which are comparatively higher or lower.

You can take care of such areas by applying patches or other fast-drying mechanisms to them to help yourself start laying the floor instantly. However, it is recommended to wait until it gets dry completely.

  • Read the Instructions Carefully

Once you have made the subfloor ready for installation, you need to read the instruction you get from the manufacturers very carefully. Different flooring comes with different instructions and requirements.

For instance, Parquet flooring UK consists of different unique patterns. You can’t get started without understanding the specific pattern which is required to be maintained throughout the flooring.

  • Set Up the Workspace

You need to keep all the tools and equipment in your workspace. Try to keep these things out of the area where you actually intend to install the laminate flooring.

You can store the boxes in any of the spare bedrooms. You need to keep space ready beforehand to work conveniently. Otherwise you would have to rush to find a space exactly the day at which you need to start installing.

  • Get a Good Underlay

A good underlay is very important to provide your flooring with extra care and protection. You need to get one from any reliable company to make sure that your floor remains warmer and creates fewer sounds while you walk on it.

The other bonus point you would love about it is the protection barrier your floor gets from moisture as it would be the last thing you would want in your home.

  • Mark Before Cutting

You need to measure the boards twice or thrice before you cut them. Instead of measuring them with a measuring tape, you can simply hold them to their positions to mark them directly. It is also advisable to cut longer than required and then cut them short again to make the cuts more appropriate.

  • Professional Help

If you are not sure about your skills and you doubt that it’s not a DIY project which you can handle easily, you can simply call a professional for help. For different flooring types, different skills and expertise are required.

For instance, for Chevron Wood flooring, one must have the relevant expertise to install it in specific “V” shape by placing it diagonally to the wall. So, you need to get professional help from those who have the expertise and skills to install your specific type of laminate flooring.

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