7 Tips for Fixing Broken Gutters


It is absurd to think that fixing a gutter can be an easy task. It may seem like one, but it is as hectic and problematic as it possibly can. If you have a broken gutter and you intend to jump into a gutter repair project, make sure you have the relevant knowledge and information in hand.

Here are 7 useful tips which would help you fix broken gutters.

  • Clean the Gutters

It is the first and most important thing to do. If you don’t clean your gutters from every kind of dust and debris, you won’t be able to assess its current condition. Once you cleared it out, it becomes easy to detect the damages and cracks.

  • Take Safety into Account

While carrying out the process of gutter repair, you can’t deny the importance of your own safety and protection. For that, you can practice ladder safety to keep balance while working.

If you are not sure about your skills, you can hire the services of professionals like Eavestrough Installation Toronto who has years of experience in offering quality roof repair services. Such professionals know how to keep the safety into account while doing the job.

  • Fix Sagging Gutters

It is one of the most common gutter problems. If your gutters are sagging, it might be due to the lack of cleaning. You need to take a garden hose and plastic gutter scoop to push it inside the gutters and take the dust and debris out.

The problem of sagging might be due to the gutter support system. You need to replace the gutter hangers instantly if they are broken or reposition them to help them hold the gutters tightly.

  • Seal Leaky Gutter Joints

If your gutter is damaged because of some leaky joints, you must deconstruct the point piece to remove rust from the gutter material. Once it is cleaned, you can apply a strong sealant to the joints to attach them to the gutter section.

  • Mend Gutter Holes

If your gutter has holes, you can use cement to seal out these holes. However, it is important to make the holes smooth by scraping off the area around them. If there are larger holes, you can put metal patches or pieces of unused flashing inside the gutters to mend these holes.

  • Tap Dented Gutters

Some gutters might have dents and cracks which need to be tapped with a rubber mallet to bring the gutters back in their original forms. If the dents are severe, you need to get the gutters replaced instantly.

  • File A Warranty Claim

Some kinds of gutter repair Toronto might have the warranty from the manufacturers. So, find your paperwork and read the policy before making any changes to your gutter. If the condition and root causes of your broken gutters make your warranty claim valid, you can contact the company to get the repair expenses of your broken gutters paid by them.

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