Ways to combat insects home


In the summer of insect throughout the House and kinds of ants and mosquitoes and other bugs and other species, which is disturbing and resentment and can cause human illness injury if not combated and eliminated, and many people find that the methods of disposal is Very difficult, especially because they did not use pesticides and chemicals which do not achieve an end result, not to mention the health damage caused by the body, so it’s best to use natural substances that are effective in eradicating these bugs, you will learn in this article On ways of combating bugs home.

Ways to combat insects home

There are many types of insects that reside in the houses each with an appropriate method of disposal and of the methods used to combat insects home include:

Method for spiders

get a bowl and put in it a quantity of white vinegar and a quantity equal to him of water and after that mix well mix we distributed workshop in crevices and places where spiders and it will be eliminated and expelled out of the House.

A way to combat the silverfish

 these insects called lahasat name sugar and Oyster in humid places and old, and of the methods used to combat insects House of this quality we spray the right amount of boric acid in places where these insects.

A way to combat fleas

 methods used to combat insects home frequently in enclosed spaces which are not alhowaaeh currents as fleas keep the amount of dry basil leaves in a piece of gauze, then put them in where you are this insect, then ventilate the room. Preferably exposed to sunlight.

How to fight ants

 natural methods used to combat insects home to peel cucumbers and put proper amount of the chaff in the places in which recalls the ants will be eliminated because the peel of toxic substances to Ant insect.

Way to fight roaches

 get the amount of flour or sugar, mixed with boric acid powder and put it in the room where the roaches and coming this insect to eat from this combination will then be eliminated by boric acid, and we need to do this step for two full weeks to combat all the cockroaches, as These insects can be sprayed with a mixture of SOAP and water.

Way to fight flies

we’re beginning to close the Windows of the House and then get sticky paper for flies and when he will stick it out and die, making this paper at home using yellow paper greased with honey or lemon fruit half where some gourmet grains cloves and place them on the Windows And in the rooms.

Ways to combat mites

 put camphor in cupboards where insect mites and can put twigs Lavender plant among the clothes.

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