Neutral colors are often labeled as boring. However, there are many ways to make your bedroom rock even with one or two neutrals.


The bedroom is a personal space that allows you to enjoy the time to rest and relaxation. Huffington Post shares that sleeping in a homely bedroom and on a comfortable mattress can help you rejuvenate. Luckily, achieving a homely bedroom isn’t hard to achieve. In fact, you can make your bedroom look nice and comfortable with a touch of neutral colors. Here are quick and easy guides to add glamour to the atmosphere of your sleeping lounge.

  1. Don’t be afraid to combine black and white.

Who says black and white are boring hues? You can make your bedroom look glamorous by just using the two shades together. Create a sophisticated or masculine atmosphere with the proper combination of black and white. Add a few soft touches of pale colors, and be surprised as these colors will surely produce a dramatic effect.

  1. Add a nice touch of subtle patterns.

Somewhere around your neutral-themed bedroom, you can create some delicate patterns to add a hint of sophistication. You can start by hanging a patterned curtain or displaying that well-adorned drapery. One advantages of a neutral-themed bedroom is that it gives you the opportunity to play with patterns without overdoing it. Just keep the color scheme consistent as you mix and match decors.

  1. Make use of bold colors over white paints.

White is a plain color, but it’s a good base to make other colors pop out. Make use of white paint to play with your favorite and bold colors and make your room a bit more exciting. Similar to a big, white canvas, your room can become a masterpiece with just the perfect design.

  1. Enjoy a nice canopy bed.

Bring out a majestic ambiance into your neutral-colored bedroom by adding a nice canopy bed. Making your bedroom lofty and warm is not enough. You have to also buy yourself the best mattress for a sweet, good night sleep. The canopy bed can also become a good decor to your simple room.

  1. Be bold and brave in gray.

Who says that gray is boring and too masculine? Play with the gray scheme and make your bedroom luxurious and welcoming. Using gray allows you to add bedroom decors of any color without ruining the whole set-up. White and silver go along with this color, so you can mix and match all of these and enjoy the result.


Decorating your bedroom is a perfect chance for you to show your creative side. You can decorate it according to your personality and mood. But since neutral is the new trend in today’s interior designing,  why don’t you give it a try? It’ll open the door to more fancy ideas. Do not be afraid to try something new and bring about a result that will totally add glamor to your personal space.

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