Protect Your Health with Regular Boiler Repairs


Regular boiler servicing and repairs are not only a great way to add years of functionality to your boiler but will keep the health of your family intact at all times of the year. Boilers require regular attention because a single fault may release dangerous carbon monoxide (CO2) into your property that may not be noticed right away. Other problems may also occur over time and the choice to book repairs and more will help you to catch such issues early and avoid any costly repairs or replacements before they cause lasting problems in the household.

Early Detection

Some homeowners believe they use their boilers most frequently during the winter but the truth is that you use hot water in your home nearly every day for tasks ranging from washing the dishes to bathing. This constant use throughout the year will significantly increase the chance of an eventual issue and catching such problems early enough to avoid a serious failure is critical to enjoying the maximum lifespan of your boiler. Boiler repair services are not only cost-effective but they help you to repair small problems now to ensure that no larger issues exist later to leave you without hot water at best or with a risk to your health at worst.


Each year that you put off having your boiler serviced and repaired is another year you potentially lose from its lifespan due to issues that may otherwise have been corrected during routine repairs and maintenance. Unless your boiler is so outdated that parts for its particular model are no longer fabricated, the cost of repairs will nearly always be much lower than the cost associated with complete replacement with a new machine. Modern boilers are more effective and efficient but this will by no means drop the cost of the new equipment and regular servicing and repairs will help you to avoid this expense for as long as possible.

In addition to saving you the cost of a replacement, a well-maintained boiler will help you to save money on your monthly energy bills, which may total in the hundreds after a year. During repairs and maintenance, your entire boiler is put through a vigorous examination to ensure that it is running at optimal efficiency and leaving you with the most cost-effective monthly bill as possible. Any indications that this is not the case are quickly dealt with right then and there. If you should put off this regular service, you may not notice a fairly small problem that causes the overall efficiency of your boiler to go down over time and push your monthly bills higher.


More than 4000 people go to A&E each year with symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO2) poisoning and a small percentage of these people are actually killed by this exposure. Carbon monoxide poisoning may cause headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, and even a total loss of consciousness and it will do you well to know the signs so that you may evacuate your home quickly. Repairs ensure that you never need to worry about a sudden leak except in extreme circumstances, which will in turn offer you peace of mind.


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