Why Water Damage Repair and Restoration is Big Business


Every year, thousands and thousands of homes experience some form of water damage or another. As overpopulation increases, and houses are built in areas that were previously considered to be uninhabitable, more and more houses are now considered to be at risk from flooding. In addition to this, hundreds of thousands of older homes are now in such a condition that they are susceptible to the effects of rainwater or natural groundwater. Many contain older plumbing and water component (such as storage tanks) which are reaching the end of their natural lives. All of these factors combined together mean that almost no home is 100% safe from water damage. This means that the water damage restoration business is huge.

water damage

Rewarding work

If you work in the water damage industry, you may be faced with questions about profiting off of the misery of others, but this is really a non-sequitur. Water damage happens regularly enough that it is essential that someone is around to provide quick and efficient services to customers who need support after a leak or flood. In fact, prompt service can often mean the difference between being able to fully restore the affected structure, and having to do major repairs and renovations following the damage. This work is not profiting from someone’s misery, it is a case of helping them to overcome a miserable situation which has befallen them. Although a lot of hard work is required in this line of work, many people find that it is very rewarding for them.

Helping to allay health concerns

There are a lot of health and safety concerns associated with water damage at properties. One of the primary concerns after water damage is that if the area is not cleaned up properly, bacterial growth can cause sickness, diarrhea and other symptoms. This is especially likely if sewage or dirty water flooded the house. If dirty water has been involved, prompt and effective clean up is essential, to protect the health of the inhabitants of the home. Another risk comes from the growth of toxic mold. Mold is often able to grow in unseen places which have been affected by water damage, and the spores from this mold can be very harmful to people, especially young children, and those who have compromised immune systems.

Why water damage is big business

Water damage can occur at any time of the year. Whilst some factors, such as flooding or storm damage are more likely to occur in the winter months or during the wet season, water leaks from plumbing components can happen at any time of year. In fact, major underground leaks are more likely to happen in very hot weather, as the temperature changes can affect the pipes. This means that you should always be able to find business, so long as you use your entrepreneurial skills to set up and market yourself correctly. Whilst initial costs for the equipment may be high, it should be possible to recoup these costs relatively quickly.

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