Efficient Home Cleaning


House cleaning is never an issue, but doing it right might break a sweat or two. So how to make the most out of your spring cleaning to keep your home nice and shiny for as long as possible? Quite simple, really. Follow these tips.

Efficient Home Cleaning

  • Get the gear. Equip yourself with a duster, microfiber cloths, a brush, a vacuum, and cleaning products. If you are eco-friendly, you might want to check for green versions of the latter. They might cost more, but the end result is always a much more healthy atmosphere, and you will be leaving almost no carbon footprint on the environment.
  • Go from top to bottom. While you are sarcastically thinking “yes, good advice,” you would actually be amazed to hear that many people start with the vacuuming and carpet cleaning, and later go dusting surfaces and cobwebs from the walls and ceilings. Hardly surprising, all the dust that falls from these activities lands on the vacuumed floor or carpet, and then they are doomed to repeat the process. Save yourself a trip to looptown and clean in the proper order.
  • Do a proper window cleaning job. Spray the cleaner and wipe not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. Yes, that is also something people occasionally ignore and later wonder why the windows don’t let enough light in. Also, clean the panes first, and then the sills. Remember – top to bottom.
  • Carpet cleaning is a tedious task, and there is no escaping that fact. Just equip yourself with patience and vacuum hard. But before that you might want to take a brush to the carpet. You would be amazed at the amount of hair carpets contain – either from you, or from a pet. Use a medium-stiff or soft bristled brush to gather up the hair without damaging your carpet’s piles. Now you can vacuum for a full effect. Be careful of the products you use. Many carpet cleaners contain too much chemicals and discolour your carpet. You might want using a green product here, or why not the safer home-made choice – baking soda or vinegar!
  • Cleaning the kitchen is a good way to de-clutter it and finally put an order to all the chaos. You can start by taking everything out so that you can clean the surface and insides of every single shelf, counter, cabinet, drawer, cupboard, etc. Not put everything back, and use a specific least used to most used item order. This will increase the kitchen’s efficiency by a tenfold.
  • Speaking of de-cluttering, you can do your wardrobe a favour and organise it when cleaning the bedroom. Do the same as the kitchen and use a seasonal order – the clothes for the farthest season go in the back, and the ones for the current season, in the front.

As you can see, house cleaning is simple when done right. Follow these tips and you will see the change that builds up in the place very soon. And if you cannot be bothered with any of this – cleaning agencies will never say no to your needs.

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