Decorative Wallpaper Home Design Ideas


Here are some wallpaper ideas that will instantly stylize your room.


The Bedroom Overlooking the Garden


If you have a bedroom on the ground floor that overlooks the garden sprawling with green grasses, and lined with the flowerbeds, then you will want the printable wallpaper in the wooden pattern that truly complements the landscape.

This will truly be an amazing decorative wallpaper idea. But there are a number of ways for you to experiment. For instance, if the garden is more woods than flowers, the wallpaper with complete wooden feel would be the best. On the other hand, if the garden is full of colourful flowers, then you might want to stretch that scene to the bedroom with the vibrant colourful patterns on the walls. It is completely up to your personal preferences. You may mix and match whichever way you want.

For the Small Rooms

If you do not want to leave any part of the house untouched by the classy home decor, you will also want to get the storerooms and cloakrooms designed. What you need for such rooms is Ultrawalls Decorative Wallpaper with geometric patterns. While they look bold and striking, they are perfect for the small and infrequently used rooms. They also have the capability to make the small room appear bigger. If you are getting the home spruced up, leaving no part untouched is exactly what you would want.

The Decorative Bathroom


What goes best with your bathroom? Well, in truth – whatever you like. If you have equal degree of affection for sedate and striking, you might find yourself caught in the dilemma. So flip the coin is what you will do; isn’t it? Really not! You don’t need to stay in the quandary for too long. Just step into your bathroom, look around, and close your eyes and viola! The decors that first sweep across your mind are the ones from which you choose. With Ultrawalls Wallpaper Manufacturer, you can choose whatever you want. Give your bathroom a little touch of vibrancy with the rainbow patterned wallpapers. They can be as sober as you want or as bold too. How? Simple! Go for the bright colours for the feel of bold. For a little sombre look, go for the muted rainbow colours.

The Insides



Well, wallpaper doesn’t really have to be all over the walls. It can be the backdrop too. You can really make your kitchen, bathroom, and even bedroom look classier by choosing the right wallpaper to be fixed to the insides of the cabinets and shelves. It will instantly accentuate the looks of the room. The idea is in choosing the right wallpaper manufacturer and the right pattern. For instance, the room that boasts of light and solid colours throughout will be complemented with polka dot patterns on the white background.

The Dining Room


It doesn’t have to be one way or the other. You can bring the wall paint and wallpapers together. For a dining room with the white theme, you can have a couple of walls decorated with wallpapers and the remaining in paint. You can also have the upper half of the wall lined with wallpaper and the bottom painted in your favourite colours.

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