What sofa choose?


Convertible sofas are the most recommended types for people who do not have enough space for a lounge and an extra bed. But in order to find the proper sofa to your needs, your choice should be based on several criteria. This article offers helpful tips for choosing your sofa.

sofa to choose

The choice of the place The sofa is made ​​for the types of housing with limited space such as studios. To find out which is the most suitable for your needs couch, you must specify where you want to place it and consider the criterion of comfort. The sizes that you will end are: – sleeping sofas length of 190cm. – The sofas sleeping length of 200cm. If you want to get the best comfort, choose sofas 200cm. By cons, if you are going to use the couch occasionally as an extra bed for children, opt for sizes 80cm.

The choice of mattress The answer to this question must be determined according to the frequency of use, c is the criterion that determines the level of comfort you want: every night, or an extra bed. You must choose the mattress according to the manufacture (foam, Bultex, latex) density of the mattress (between 20kg / m3 and 60 kg / m3) and the thickness (between 8cm and 12cm)

Tips -. It Note that the best choice of the mattress for comfort during your sleep is rather Bultex. – Consider adding small couch cushions for comfort while sitting.

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