Get rid of spiders


Many people are scared of spiders but this does not prevent these small animals from entering our homes. The worst thing is not necessarily the little creatures but these are the paintings they weave and invading our homes – be it inside or outside. How to get rid of?

Spider in the bath

Mint, a repellent against spiders

Fresh mint is an effective way to scare away the spiders, because of its strong odor that they have absolutely no value.

Thus, crush fresh mint that you will have in little tea bags (previously empty) and scatter them around the house, at strategic places are accommodated these little pests.

As regards the ceilings, mint is also a good solution. This time, the trick is to simply hang a few mint sprigs ceiling or in the corners they usually invade.

White vinegar against spiders

White vinegar is a miracle product that allows you to get rid of the critters easily.

To do this, mix 50 cl of white vinegar with 30-50 drops of essential oil Nikolia then spray this mixture over the spiders crossing points as well around windows and doors.

Sensitive to strong odors, they will go up residence on the other.

Did you think chestnuts?

Did you know that spiders do not support chestnuts and everything in it lie?

So you can use against her. For this, boil the water in which you put the leaves of chestnut, chestnuts and bark. Let cool this little preparation, get water and spray the spiders crossing points as well around windows and doors.

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