What should you bring with you when moving into a dormitory?


You have been accepted to a university of your dream and now you are going to live in a dormitory. Congrats! That is why we tried to make a list of everything that you have to prepare for the move, and your comfortable staying. Moreover, you can visit this page to find all types of roommates you are most likely to run into.


We think that it is even not necessary to write that you are going to need mugs, plates, spoons, forks etc. Do not forget to take a small kitchen knife and an opener. If you plan to eat normally, but not fast food, pots and pans might come in handy as well.


When it comes to clothes, the most important thing is slippers, since even if you have the best sneakers in the world; it is bad for your health to wear them all the time. In addition, you should bring shorts or light athletic tights for day wear and some T-shirts. It happens that the heating might stop working and that is why do not forget to bring some thick socks and a few of sweatshirts.

Do not forget linens if you do not plan to return home very often. It is also better to have your own pillow even if they are given for free in a hostel, since very often they are flat as a pancake and it is impossible to sleep on them. You should also bring a small towel for face and hands and a separate one for shower.

Household chemicals

When it comes to household chemicals in a student dorm, you need to bring some soap, a shampoo and other stuff like a toothpaste and a toothbrush. We also advise you bring a plastic holder for your toothbrush, since it is more hygienically. Do not forget about washing powder if you plan to live in a hostel for a long time.


At first you need to buy groceries that will give you least hassle, like various pickles, or jams that greatly facilitate the life of a hungry student. For cooking you are going to need some pasta, potatoes, cereals, onions and carrots. Stew and canned fish, salt and sugar, tea or coffee are mandatory.

Home appliances

A refrigerator is a necessary thing and that is why if it is not provided by the dormitory it is necessary to agree with your roommates and buy at least an old refrigerator.

Electric teapot is absolutely compulsory in every room. The price for such a kettle is not huge, so you can buy it pretty easily. In addition, do not forget about an iron, if your appearance matters to you.
Today, everyone has a computer or a laptop. However, a computer can greatly help in your studies, but also it can harm and that is why if you love to play computer games, you should think about your studies as well!

So, here are tips on what to bring with you to a dormitory. However, you should also keep in mind that you could find apartments and roommates and live in an apartment if you can afford it instead of living in a dorm!


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