What color to choose for your living room?


Living room par excellence, the lounge is also a thoroughfare, and the most visited part with your guests. Find the right balance between personal decoration, neutral colors to make your living room the heart of the house.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors

The living room is both a living for your family and the part that sees through all your guests, friends or acquaintances . So it is wise to use neutral colors that will both warm the atmosphere and remain sober enough to receive. Moreover, it is a room where you spend a lot of time , it would be difficult to put too garish colors, which you may get bored fast.

The trend is therefore to neutral colors , possibly enhanced with more vivid touches. A range of white , more or less broken and gray is added the brown range , like glossy brown, taupe and chocolate. The warmer tones , pulling the magenta or orange, can also find their place, like pastel colors . Nothing prevents you, however, add more bright colors to contrast keys space.

How many colors in the living room?

At a maximum, it is considered that three different colors in the same room even help maintain visual harmony. A rule thus applies to the living room, although you must also take into account its size.

If it is large , change colors, for example on a wall, lets give depth and texture to the room. However, if space is limited , use a single color, or you may stifle the room.

Finally, the natural lighting in your living room can also change the colors with skill: if your windows face north or your room is very little sun, the warm colors are to be used to compensate for the lack of light. Conversely, facing south, your living room will be adorned with cooler shades .

Colors to suit your style

In addition to the recommendations for use, it is especially important to find the harmony that will suit you. Between neutrality and customization, you must seek balance to feel good in your living room.

The style of your decor, furniture and the mood you want to give the room are essential in the choice of colors . If wood is your favorite material, play with natural colors for highlight. A lounge inspired by the industry trend , with brushed metal furniture, marry best with shades of gray and vermilion keys for example.

Remember also to remain consistent with the rest of your home: if you particularly fond of a shade, why not make callbacks in each room?

Question colors, all tastes are in nature. And that is why we find ourselves often stuck when you have to choose the color of our living room. White is safe but not really original; color, with pleasure, but why not be disappointed with the result? So if the final decision is based on our tastes, here are some rules to follow colors to be sure not to make mistakes and create a harmonious décor.

The color of your clothes

For starters, look at your wardrobe and you will see immediately the dominant colors, these are the ones that you like the most. For example, if you never turn blue, why would you put blue on the wall of your living room?

Test the product on the wall

Paint wide strips of colored paper that you enjoy. Apply to the living room walls with double face for days. You will find you spontaneously eliminate certain colors.

Three colors maximum

Decoration stylists agree to respect the rule of three colors maximum in a salon they are
– In harmony neighboring colors on the color wheel (purple, blue, green)
– In contrast to the colors in opposition on the color wheel (red, blue, yellow)
– Or complementary, diametrically opposed colors (yellow and purple).

Neutral colors for the living room

The living room is a part of “residence”, that is to say we have to stay there a long time, unlike pass through rooms as input. It receives, it discusses, there watches television, a relatively neutral color is needed in order not to confine space.

The colors paneling

With neutral colors on the walls, you can paint the frames of your doors and windows from one to three tones over the color of the walls, and a satin paint.

A strong color on one section of wall

Do not deprive yourself applying your favorite color in the living room, but on one wall there is a strong color like red. Behind the sofa , for example, it will identify the lounge as distinct from the dining area if one has a large living room. It can then be broken down in the kitchen and the entrance by keys, to become the color of your driver deco wire.

Strong colors only mat

Reminder: you will not use satin paint if your walls are in very good condition because it highlights the flaws. And strong colors will be applied in order to avoid the mat “bling bling” side.

The colors bestsellers deco designers for the show:

The neutral colors: chestnut brown, taupe, linen, gray, sand are good alternatives to white shades.
The bright colors to be applied to a single section of wall and abseiling in accessories: red, aubergine, purple, electric blue, orange, green anise.

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