What color to choose for the walls of the kitchen?


You plan to redo the decor of your kitchen and the choice of the painting is for you a real headache. Be inspired by our moods and discover our tips for choosing paint your walls depending on the color of your kitchen, its brightness and style.

What color the walls with white kitchen furniture

Elegant and timeless, white kitchen units allow any combination of colors on the walls. Why not opt ​​for a total white look in a “laboratory” spirit, playing only on the effects of materials?


If the kitchen furniture are bright, it will be better to focus on a milky white, lightly powdered. By cons, if the kitchen furniture is stain, opt for a lacquered paint. The goal is to play the contrast of textures.

For a warm spirit, black or charcoal gray slate are quite up to the walls. These shades are strong, we advise you not to paint one section of wall and then punctuate the decor including these colors in the accessories. A decorator tip to remember: it is daring which is attributed a real style to a room!


What color the walls with red kitchen furniture

With red kitchen furniture, do not hesitate to play the contrasts and modernity on the walls! Red is a strong color that gives a kitchen a contemporary atmosphere. To highlight this modernity, you have to play with gray, black and aluminum, in contrast with the red furniture. A medium gray paint on the walls and a black wall tiles give the base note. Feel free to highlight the modern feel using a lacquer.

For a downright futuristic kitchen, dare paint or metallic aluminum or steel-colored tiles. A section of wall enough to further accentuate the modern red furniture.

What color the walls with kitchen furniture in oak

Everything depends on the age and condition of the furniture. Kitchen with new oak, it is necessary to highlight the nobility of wood. Therefore choose for the walls of the tones in harmony as the main actor of the piece is the furniture. A creamy beige paint on the walls and a beige wall tiles if dark oak. For light oak furniture, prefer a coffee milk paint and a chocolate tiles. Gourmet and elegant atmosphere guarantee.

For older oak kitchen, why not paint the furniture? Just cleaning them, sand them, to spend an undergrowth layer and apply the chosen shade, satin or powder for easier maintenance. It then remains to match the walls of the kitchen to the color of your “new” furniture!

What color the walls with green kitchen furniture

Green is particularly tonic Deco because it evokes a refreshing kind. Even believed to anti-stress properties. Married to the brown color, it will bring the room a note of warm earth, it is the insurance for your kitchen a very natural dynamism.

What color the walls with kitchen furniture in light wood

The light wood kitchen furniture evoke the sweetness of refined Scandinavian style. Minimalist design where the neutral tones of the walls come in harmony with the light wood furniture. The idea is to create a natural and peaceful atmosphere for a kitchen where he will live. Therefore, avoid bright lacquers and contrasting colors, as well as mixtures of material.

The walls will receive a matt paint chosen in the range from sandy taupe tones, keeping in mind not to decide the color of furniture. Likewise for the tiles, to fall in the same range of tones to retain the natural sweetness of atmosphere given by the light wood.

What color the walls in a dark kitchen

In general, we avoid dark shades in the kitchen. We indeed need maximum brightness in this creative space. Clearly, in a dark kitchen, white is needed, it can capture maximum light. A very clear picture associated with good lighting can also be a solution. Note that if your kitchen is small, cover its walls a light color will increase the feeling of space.

We also advise you to choose white or very light kitchen furniture. If they are not, you heard the possibility of repainting.

What color the walls in bright kitchen

If paint it white or very light colored walls kitchen is generally regarded as the best solution, it is possible to deviate from this rule when the kitchen is particularly bright and beautiful dimensions. For example you can paint the walls or red, a color that whets the appetite. To give a sunny atmosphere to the piece, look for yellow. Another possibility: paint the walls white or a very light color and repaint the kitchen furniture in a bright color, it will bring good cheer to the room


On the walls of this light-flooded kitchen, aluminum, tiles, paneling and brick coexist for the delight of decorative spirit family home fans.

  • What color the walls to an open kitchen

The trend is for kitchens open to the living / dining room. This new piece two-in-one, however, has clearly defined areas next color to avoid monotony.

To create a beautiful harmony, color of the walls can play extra time between the dining area / relaxation and the kitchen area. For example you can just paint or paper in the same color or decline in the same range cooking in a lighter tone. In both cases, mark the break between the two worlds with the laying of a strip of wallpaper pattern. Conversely, it is entirely possible to book paint kitchen side, for maintenance convenience and choose a wallpaper in the same range of colors for the living room.

You can also create a strong contrast between the two areas by playing with black and white for example.


In this Inside, the dining room is open to the kitchen but the black wall helps to clearly delimit the two spaces.

What color the walls to the open kitchen in a studio

In a studio with a kitchen open to the living room, it is interesting to define the two areas with the choice of two different colors. For walls kitchen side, bet on a strong color like red. This will enhance the space. Room side, choose a light color, and all will be more harmonious.

Note that if your studio is spacious, you can mark the separation between the two spaces by applying a strip of wallpaper pattern.

Choose what color to paint a room?

The lounge or living room is the room where you spend the most time in your home. The color choice is important.

How to choose the colors of a living space both crossing point, living room or reception? Here are some ideas to enhance your walls.

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