Bathroom Paint Color Can Increase Home Value


You might not think about the color of your bathroom that much. Color, however, is one of the most challenging choices homeowners face when remodeling. What many don’t realize is how much paint color can contribute to the value of their home. The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms of the house, so the best paint colors for your bathroom have an impact on all occupants.

Bold color schemes may work for dining areas or rooms where people gather. That’s not the case in bathrooms. You want a more calming, inviting, and tranquil feel, but that doesn’t mean the room can’t be beautiful and vibrant.

How Does Bathroom Color Increase the Value of My Home?

The bathroom is one of the most scrutinized rooms by potential home buyers. It can make or break a decision.

For most, the bathroom is a sanctuary. You want to feel calm there. Bright colors such as orange or red won’t make the cut. But painting a room is cost-effective, especially when you consider what it can add to a home’s price tag. That amounts to potentially thousands of dollars, compared to perhaps a couple hundred or less for a paint job.

What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

There are several options. Neutral colors work best, so you can enjoy a more flexible color scheme. Neutral-colored walls can be customized in many ways. They make it easier to pick and choose accents and make adjustments over time.

Neutral colors give a small room a larger, airier feel. Plus, you can mix and match different style vanities, towel racks, and floral arrangements, or even stone or glass tiles. With that in mind, here are colors that can turn your bathroom into a selling point:

  • White/Gray: You may want to avoid all-white, but a combination of white/gray or shades of the same color can be effective; such a color scheme can work with stone, wood, or steel.
  • Beige: Whether you are remodeling your bathroom with natural stone or glass tiles, or other materials, beige and similar colors help with design and even simple modifications later.
  • Soft Blue: A light, soft blue with gray highlights and undertones can yield a sense of ultimate relaxation, which of course is important for a bathroom in any home.
  • Yellow-Green: Coordinating these colors right can yield a fresh and vibrant feel, so you feel calm and invigorated at the same time.

These are just a few paint ideas for a Los Angeles bathroom remodel. Spending just a little time planning a color scheme not only improves your bathroom experience, but also gives potential future buyers a reason to think twice about your home. A future sale can possibly get you a bigger profit as well.

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