What are The Various Things You Expect During Your Roof Repair or Replacement?


In case, you have hired any suitable contractor to either repair the leaky roof or to replace it then you should know what you will go through till the job is completed. In case, you are aware about various activities and also their time frame then you can plan better when the roof is under repair or replacement. In case, you do not plan properly then your regular schedule may be affected.

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You need to discuss with the contractor and should know in detail about the activities that he will take up in order to set right your roof. However, whether he tells you or not, you must be prepared to face the following things, when the work is in progress at home.

  • Lots of noise

Depending upon the extent of work there will be lots of noise in your residence. In case, you have any pet or old patient at home, they may be disturbed due to noise. So, you may have to shift them to some secure place until the work is completed.

  • Many unprotected items inside the house

When the roofers start working then you can expect lots of vibration in the building. Due to this vibration in the building certain items may break or fall. Therefore, it is essential that all the unprotected items must be properly tied up or secured so that it may not be damaged.

  • Protection of lawn and furniture

When the work will continue then there will be plenty of dust generation in the surrounding. Your lawn can be affected due to the dust that may even kill it. Therefore, you must protect your lawn by covering it.  Similarly, the furniture must also be covered.

  • Move your vehicles

If you have a car or motorcycle parked near your house then it is better to take them away, as they will get dirty because of plenty of dust generated. Also, some objects may fall on these vehicles that can damage them. Perhaps you may not get any claim for such damage from your insurance company too.

  • Beware about accident

When the roof work starts then the area becomes almost like any typical construction site and therefore while moving in the area you must always use protective gears like helmets and goggles etc.

  • Removal of debris

After and during the work lots of debris will be settled near the house. You must therefore make arrangement for its removal during and after the work so that your house does not remain blocked for the movement.

  • Material storage and delivery

When the work is in progress lots of material will arrive that must be stored properly. You must therefore allocate certain space for that.

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