7 Common Flower Mistakes You Should Never Commit


No matter how much you love flowers and feel they are perfect in any form, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts while you choose to go for flower decoration. There are some common mistakes that might escape your mind when you are choosing wedding flowers.

However, here’s some help. Below mentioned are some of the common blunders while choosing the flowers for decoration during weddings and tips on how to avoid them. Take the guide.

1. Understand The Colour Palette

Be open minded about the colour combinations. Not all flowers look good together in a bunch. There are certain colours that don’t go well together. Try to be flexible in your choice and do not fix a colour palette in your head beforehand.

2. Avoid Imitating Inspiration

One common mistake that people usually do is falling in love with a particular design that they find somewhere and willing to imitate it. Since, that’s not always feasible, one should use it as an inspiration for something new.

3. Going For All-Floral Design

One must not tuck flowers everywhere. Not every space needs to be filled with flowers. Try to keep a mix of flowers and other wedding essentials like candles and non floral centerpieces.

4. Not Considering Venue Before Choosing Flowers

Whether flower decoration will be a hit or not depends a lot on how the venue looks. Flowers for a vintage looking venue would differ from the flowers for a modern looking one. So, do not set a floral design before choosing a venue.

5. Not Communicating With A Florist

Getting down to a business of designing your own venue is a herculean task. Make sure to consult your online florist in Bangalore or other city that you reside in to educate yourself about the choice of flowers.

6. Not Choosing Meaningful Flowers

Going for flowers just because they look beautiful isn’t enough. In order to make your day special, go for flowers that have some meaning in your relationship. For instance, roses that remind you of your first date or orchids that are associated with some other memory together.

7. Not Keeping The Season In Mind

Always go for flowers according to the season and as aforementioned, be flexible in your choice. Do not set a design in your mind without considering the season as not all flowers are available in the season you are going to be wedded.

Make sure you keep these points in mind and avoid committing blunders on your D-Day. 

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