Using a Concrete Contractor to Improve the Value of Your Home


The average American will move about 12 times in their lifetime. Career moves, buying a home, and upgrading and downsizing housing are the most common changes are retirement are the most frequent reasons people move. As families relocate, they are often faced with the decision or necessity to sell their current home and purchase another. Of course, the first concern on their agenda is the resale value of their home. Real estate agents all agree that updating the appearance of the home, inside and outside, are prime factors in the selling price of the home. If you only have $2,000 to spend, what is the best way to improve the value of your home for prospective buyers.

  1. Buy and install a new steel door for the entrance of your home. Older, wooden doors sometimes have gaps and splits in the wood, creating crevices for potential energy loss and a less secure front entry. Locks installed into wooden doors are much easier to break for a villain than locks placed into a steel door.
  2. Replace an aging garage door. Installing a steel, windowed, double garage door is comparable to replacing the door to the entryway of the home. It has the same benefits, in addition to the greater curb appeal.
  3. Upgrade your ceiling fans to the quieter, more efficient models that have personality and pizzazz. The newest ceilings fans come with much prettier lighting concepts, run smoother and have a remote control. These fans are priced, including approximate installation costs, at $600 each. Living room, kitchen, and den or the master bedroom could be replaced within our $2,000 budget.
  4. Repaint the entire interior of the home, walls, trim, etc. If you have patched all the holes and repaired all the problems with the walls, the cost should be around 50 cents per square foot. Add the additional costs of the primer to the paint, and the moving and covering of furniture and a 2,000 square foot house would fit within our budget costs.
  5. The best improvement for your home that will add value is to install a patio.Materials need the planning and design artistry by an expert concrete contractor like Outside Construction Services. They have been professionally installing patios and pavers for over 15 years in the Birmingham area and the surrounding suburbs.

expert concrete contractor

Extending your home living space by moving the living room or den outdoors and creating an outdoor entertaining area will add appraisal value and enjoyment for the entire family. An outdoor patio can be covered for weather protection, can be formalized with curtains, and can be set up as an alternative dining space and living room.

Patio installations can involve excavation, levelling and smoothing the dirt, concrete work, compaction of the dirt, adding a layer of sand and gravel, all of which are completed before the selection of materials for the patio itself. There are many choices of finishing materials for the patio such as pavers, stones, or even a simple stained concrete slab.

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