4 Ways Artificial Trees Will Revolutionize Your Decorating


Over the past couple of years, artificial trees have been making a huge impact on the decorating market, and the benefits of using them are being seen worldwide. One of the inevitable questions that stems from their recent success is why they are so popular and so useful? This article will dig into some of the major reasons why they are seeing so much use and success, and will describe how you could also reap many of the benefits. So hunker down, read it over, and be prepared to ditch the dirt, death and mud forever.

artificial trees

Image Credits Feliciano, CC BY 2.0

  1. They save you loads of work and maintenance.

Maintaining your indoor plants might be enjoyable at first, but as they leave dirty marks from where they sat for months, or they wilt and die slowly you’ll quickly realize that there is a lot of work and maintenance required to take care of them. Even if you go on vacation for a week or two, many plants aren’t hardy enough to survive even that small amount of time without dying or being completely malnourished. This is a huge reason that artificial trees have gained so much popularity. You can vacation as long as you want, never water, and never have to deal with the filthy stains and marks that they leave if you go artificial. The amount of time and maintenance that you save could be hundreds of hours through the years, depending on how many trees and plants you have to maintain. Artificial trees will “spruce” up any area that you are looking to decorate, and will make sure that it always looks fresh.

  1. Increase the variety in your home or work space.

Artificial plants and trees aren’t only good for Christmas, although that’s definitely a great time to have them. As it turns out, they can be placed near chairs, in offices or living rooms, inside and outside doorways, and many other spots to add a unique taste to the way that the room feels. Switching them out is easy, and doesn’t take a lot of time or space. They’ll never grow bigger than you can handle. As a result of this, it’s easy to change them up and add a new feel to whatever space you’re in.

  1. The price is right.

This is an argument that has two parts, financial price as well as environmental. As the financial price is related, it’s pretty clear that using artificial trees will save you tons of money because you won’t have to purchase a new tree every year, and you won’t have to spend on chemicals and additives to keep your plant alive for years and years. A one-time purchase results in years or even decades of utility and a clean, fresh look. As far as the environmental price is concerned, recent research has been exhaustively performed to analyze the effect of fake trees versus real trees, and the results show that the effect of both is about the same. The energy efficiency between the two is roughly equivalent. So whether the financial or environmental price has an effect on which tree you want to use, there is no downside to using artificial trees.

  1. Constant Style.

The unchanging nature of artificial trees is a benefit that cannot be simply overlooked. It’s going to look green and fresh nearly always. The occasional dusting will restore it to the vibrant green color that it had when you first bought it (try doing this with any other tree or plant that you’ve been growing).The consistency of its new appearance will contribute to the fresh and clean feeling of your home or office.

Overall, while real trees may give you the scent and peace of mind you may look for, artificial trees have a classic, unchanging nature that can’t be compared. They’ll accommodate your busy lifestyle, given how low-maintenance they are. They will add more décor to your work and home space, and they’ll save you a lot of money. Artificial plants are worth considering.

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