Top 3 Insanely Expensive Houses


To have Beautiful Home is a dream of all. But Here I am telling You about Three Insanely Expensive Homes


1.  Antilla, Mumbai – The first Billion dollar home

Owner : Mukesh Ambani, placed on no. 5 in richness

Cost: One Billion Dollar according to The New York Times it costs $500–$700 million to build. (Information from wikipedia)

Location: Mumbai, India

Details: It has

  • three Helipads
  • 27 floors
  • Floating gardens
  • Six floors for parking


  • Villa Leapolda

Owner: It is rumoured as its owner is Bill Gates

Location: France

Cost: 703m Dollars


  • This amazing home has more bathrooms than RoomsJ
  • It has Beautiful gardens to maintain French nature


3.Ira Rennert Mansion

Owner : Ira Rennert

Cost: $180,000,000

Location: New York


It has

  • 163 seated cinema
  • 29 bedrooms
  • 39 bathrooms


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