Few Tips for Using Your Smaller Bathroom Efficiently


Are you facing inconvenience while using your bathroom due to its smaller size? It is not always necessary that bathroom is uncomfortable due to limitation of space. Quite often due to improper placement of various accessories in the bathroom may create shortage of space in spite of having right size of bathroom.

Therefore, if you are interested in maximising space in a small bathroom then follow the tips mentioned in these paragraphs.

Place your storage units in the corner

Whether your bathroom is small or of average size, you will end up consuming sufficient amount of horizontal space by locating your storage units in the centre. Instead of that if you locate it in the corner of the bathroom then you will get plenty of space for your movement.

Avoid installing very large sized toilets

Toilets usually cover a lot of horizontal place in the bathroom. If you install any large sized toilet and place it in such a place that obstructs proper movement then your bathroom will be very uncomfortable to use. Instead of that try to install compact sized toilet and install it in any corner of the bathroom to provide enough room for movement.

Use light coloured paints

By using darker shades of the colour, you will give visual impact that the bathroom is very small even if it has plenty of space available. On the contrary by painting with lighter colour even a small bathroom will appear to be large enough for movement. There are plenty of attractive lighter colour shades available to choose for the bathroom.

Use right type of bathtub

These days, you will find many well designed and compact bathtubs, which can offer you all the comfort by using very limited amount of space. Therefore, choose the right kind of bathtub to offer you better space utilization.

Choose compact washbasin

Avoid installing any large sized basin with additional countertops, which consumes lots of space in the bathroom. Instead of that prefer to install compact sized wash basin, which should be good enough to fulfil your entire needs by consuming very limited amount of space.

Choose right kind of shower door

By having sliding door of your shower place, you can save a large space in your bathroom. Keeping the shower place covered also helps to maintain rest of the place in your bathroom dry so that it looks more tidy and clean.

Create enough cabinet space

Create enough cabinet space on the wall so that it remains flushed inside the wall and you will save lots of storage place to keep various toiletry items. Your bathroom will look neater and organized. Also, you must hang your cabinet at appropriate height so that you need not bend too much to access any item from it.

Adjust the mirror position

Mirror should be located in such a position that may give you total view of your bathroom. This will also give you a feeling that you have plenty of space inside the bathroom.

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