How Your Carpet Gets Cleaned


Businesses and homes typically have different kinds of carpet because there are different considerations for each environment. A business will have a carpet designed to be easy to clean and that holds together the look of the office. A home will be looking for a more comfortable carpet and will be less likely concerned with how the carpet interacts with office chair wheels. Whether you have a short carpet or a deep, soft carpet, you’re going to need it to get cleaned from time to time. The cleaning process typically has three steps: First, the carpet is vacuumed, then it is shampooed, and finally, it is steamed.


To start the process, professional carpet cleaners in TW15 will vacuum the carpet to clean up any loose dirt or debris that might be in the carpet fibres. Once those have been vacuumed up, they will move on to shampooing the carpet.


The shampoo used is specially designed for upholstery and carpets. It will penetrate deep into the fibres of the carpet to loosen and dissolve dirt and oils. Once the dirt and oils have been dissolved, they’ll be much easier to clean.


The steam cleaning of the carpet is the most effective part of the process. After the shampoo has dissolved and/or loosened the contaminants in the carpet, the steam will drive them out. The pressure and the heat of the steam loosens the soil. The steam cleaner also vacuums up the steam, pulling up the dirt with it. In a matter of hours, your carpet can be as clean as the day you bought it.

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