Boat Storage Options: What is the best for you


When buying a boat, you not only have to consider what type of boat you are getting and determine how much you can afford with a loan if you are financing it. You also have to think about how you can store it.

Seasons play a major role when it comes to storing your boat. During summer, it needs to be easily accessible. In the winter, you have to make sure that your boat is safely stored when not in use to avoid weather damage as well as vandals and theft.

Check out some effective boat storage solutions:


Often, the easiest way to store your boat is on a trailer and then winterize it during the off-season. However, if you are planning to keep it in your backyard, make sure you have it covered to protect it from elements. The harsh sun and rain might damage your boat. Some owners get a cover for their boats. If you want a safer option, you can check out cabana storage sheds that can house your boat.

Dry Rack

Boat owners may use a dry rack storage as well. It is quite common as it gives owners the assurance that their boat is safely stored and protected from the weather. It is easy to maintain, too. Just be sure that the place fits your boat properly. Some racks may be limited for small boats only.

Wet Docks/ Boat Marinas

Storing your boat in wet docks is ideal if you want it accessible anytime. It is best for those who fish regularly or want to enjoy the waters monthly. Maintenance is the key to storing your boats on wet docks as it is in the water constantly and is exposed to the harsh weather.

Boat marinas are also ideal for big boats as it will be difficult to keep and transport it like smaller ones. Through marinas, boats can be used as sheds too, if you don’t really want to go anywhere with your boat. Most marinas provide water and electricity.

There pros and cons in picking a dry rack or a wet dock. Just think carefully what is best for you and your boat.

Buying a Slip

It may be possible for you to buy a place in the marina. Although this may be expensive, this is good for owners with multiple boats. This is also a great long-term investment. You don’t really have to worry where you can store your boat. In fact, you can get a caretaker if you like.

Renting Boat Storage Units

There are several rental storage units where you can keep your boat. This may help you especially when you are going away. There are several types of storage units that you can choose from.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each solution above since you don’t want to damage your boat when you store it. Pick the best one that suits you.


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