Tips for Decorating Cushions to Add Personality to your Home


Interior decoration is a huge part of any home. Through the decoration in your home, you get a chance to reflect your likes, colors, preferences and the house comes alive with the personality you render to it. Everything from the wall colors, to curtains to cushions add their own individuality and yet work as a complete unit to bring alive a room and your home as a whole.

Cushions too play an important part in adding color and diversity to a room. Here are a few decorating tips for cushions to help you add vibe to your home décor:

Decorating Cushions


Floral cushion prints are a great option that adds a nice dash of color and vivaciousness to rooms. If you want to go in for floral prints, make sure the color scheme matches the layout of the rest of the room and the base or print color of the cushion matches the wall or curtain colour to add continuity and a sense of togetherness to the whole room. Be sure the room is sunny to really bring out the vibes of floral prints.


Be sure to try out various textures when it comes to cushions. You can mix and match different textures on the same sofa to get a good variety. Throw in a few satin cushions and some coarser material cushions such as jute. You can also throw in some fur and velvet cushions and your collection is complete! It’ll be quite the seating spot but try keep a similar color scheme going. Get all the variety of textured cushions you want using fabfurnish coupons that help you decorate your home at the budget you want and earn cash back from CashKaro.


You can always work on vertical and horizontal stripes which give a nice masculine texture to the room. Such patterns always work better where walls have sharp colors such as grey and blue. You can add a tinge of color with the cushions but try not using very bright or girlish colors as this might take away from the whole look.

Geometric Prints

Another great way to add some class and sophistication to pillows is by going for geometric prints that too are masculine prints. Try going in for a color scheme as this print might otherwise look chaotic in the room. Make sure the color of the base or the color in the geometric print matches the rest of the décor to induce fluid eye movement without causing too much distraction. This is another great look for the drawing room and bedroom. Be sure to check out a great range of cushion covers including geometric printed ones using pepperfry coupons that help you bring classy furniture and home décor to your home at very affordable prices.

Personalized Cushions

This is a great idea to add in your personal space such as kids bedroom or a fun seating area where you want to bring out the warmth and love. Personalized cushions displaying photos of family members and loved ones or putting text and quotes is a great touch to your home as it reflects the warmth. Such cushions are best displayed in personal spaces rather than the living room as they might look out of place there.

Be sure to try out these variety of cushion decoration ideas to add a great tinge of personality and character to various rooms. Be sure to always keep in mind that the cushion covers should match the color scheme of the room in some way otherwise the room would overall look chaotic. At the end of the day, just have fun with it and go with whatever

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