Freshen up Your Interior Decor with New Interior Doors


Sometimes adding new throws, pillows and painting interior walls to spruce up a room won’t do the trick. A great way to add new life to a room is by replacing the interior doors and door frames. This quick fix can transform a room in no time!

Basic doors are so boring. If you purchased a home already made, the interior doors that were installed are most likely neutral, basic doors. Finding high-end interior doors can turn cookie cutter rooms into interesting spaces. Replace a basic door with glass French doors for a Parisian look or perhaps a rustic dark wood door for a cabin retreat. You could also create a Zen environment with sliding Japanese doors. The possibilities are endless, and the results will be anything but boring. Here is a five-step how-to guide to creating stunning spaces by replacing your interior doors.

Step one: Measure your door frame. Before you decide on which door to buy, measuring the size of the existing doorway and door is important. Using a tape measure, carefully place the tape from corner to corner and get the thickness, width and length measurements of both the door and the door frame. This will help in the purchasing process when you are picking new interior doors. Another choice would be to remove the existing door to bring with you while shopping for the new door. This way there is no margin of error when picking the right size replacement.

Step two: Pick an interior door that you love. When shopping for a new door, it’s important to have an idea of how you want to style the room and a large selection of doors to choose from. A retail provider like The Door Store has an extensive range of internal doors, allowing you to choose from rustic, contemporary, and classic styles of doors and frames. Make sure you get a door that has a thickness suitable to the existing doorframe. If you have difficulty picking a door, be sure to get a specialist at The Door Store to help you find your ideal door.

Step three: Sand and paint the door frame. If you opt to keep the existing door frame, a fresh coat of paint or stain to match the new door is in order. Using fine or medium grit sand paper, rub horizontally to gently remove the existing paint. Try not to sand too vigorously to avoid the risk of sanding down the door frame. Too much sanding and the door may not fit correctly. Once the frame is sanded, use a paint chosen to match the paint on the frame. Allow the paint to dry overnight before installing the new door.

Step four: Install door. Making sure you have the proper hardware and tools, carefully install the door in the door frame. This can be simple or complicated depending on the style of hinge the door you choose possesses.

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