Basement Finishing 101: The Value of Basement Apartments and Magnesium Boards


Guy Solomon is an expert when it comes to basement finishing, and his team focuses solely on this area of contracting. As such, they can help you to make the most out of your renovation, whether this means determining the value of a basement apartment or choosing magnesium boards for your space.

The Value of Basement Apartments

There is no denying that transforming your basement into a functional apartment with its own entry and exit adds value to your home. However, whether or not it is worth the investment in the end actually depends on your use for the space. Most of the time, homeowners add apartments to their basements for renting. In the right area and with enough space, they can charge enough money to cover their mortgage as rent, saving a ton of money over the years. However, in some cases, these spaces are perfect for elderly parents, adult children, or family members who have fallen on hard times.

What Will You Need to Move?

The first thing to consider about a basement apartment is whether you can hide unsightly fixtures such as your HVAC system or your laundry area. Although the first solution involves moving the HVAC to a closet and simply taking the laundry appliances upstairs, you must determine if this is feasible. Do you have room upstairs for your washer and dryer? Will you need new ductwork and electrical work to move your HVAC unit? Guy Solomon can help you decide how to situate these appliances and fixtures.

Do You Want Someone Else Living in Your Home?

You should also decide whether you want another person, couple, or entire family (depending on the size of your basement) living in your home if you decide to rent. If this is the case, you will need a private outside entry, and you will need to lock the door leading from the basement to the main floor of your home at all times. You may have to deal with a little noise from time to time, and you might even need to tend to a few requests along the way. Although this is not bothersome for many, it may not be the best choice for you if you prefer your privacy.
Overall, while the basement apartment may pay for itself by adding to the value of your home and improving your equity, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Be sure to consider your personal needs and wishes before diving into such a project.

The Benefits of Using Magnesium Board in Your Basement

There are some disadvantages associated with turning your basement into a living space, but with the right materials and the expertise of Guy Solomon and his team, these disadvantages fade away (find out more about Solomon’s professional experience from Guy Solomon reviews online). One of the best products to use in a basement renovation is magnesium board, which seems specially designed to hold up in a basement environment.

Water and Mold Resistant

Water- and mold-resistant magnesium board is perfect for use in notoriously damp basements. Whereas many North American homes contain sheetrock or traditional drywall panels, magnesium board is the material of choice in Europe – and for good reason. It blocks out moisture completely, preventing the growth of mold due to the presence of liquid water, steam, and humidity. This is great news for people who have allergies, asthma, and other conditions aggravated by mold.

Other Fantastic Properties

Magnesium board is also flame-retardant, so it is safer than many other common building materials. It is environmentally friendly, as well, and the best part is that it mice and other rodents cannot feed on it like wood paneling or even drywall. Its paperless construction makes it incredibly durable, it is impact-resistant, and it even makes a fantastic sound barrier. This can give you plenty of peace of mind, whether you are adding to your own living space or creating a rental apartment.

In short, when it comes time for Guy Solomon to perform your basement renovation, ask about the benefits of magnesium board. It is perfect for just about any setting at all, and it gives homeowners a lot of peace of mind in terms of safety, cleanliness, and comfort.

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