Three Popular flooring options to suit your lifestyle


No matter your age, shopping for a new home can be an exciting time. However, finding a home that fits you and your family’s lifestyle and budget can be a difficult process. Once you do find your new living space, it may need to be remodeled, refurnished or simply added with a few charming elements to help symbolize it as your own.  Whatever the case may be, the first thing you should always consider is what’s on the floor, or more specifically, what is the floor.

Sure, it may sound a bit irrelevant and trivial, but the floor design to your home is a fundamental basis to its character and functionality. As the largest interior element of the house, your floor is the first thing you’ll touch and see when you walk in the door. From ceramic tiles to different types of laminate flooring, you should always consider how you intend to use each room before deciphering its type of flooring.

Lets take a look at these three popular choices of flooring that suits different lifestyle:

Hardwood Flooring: the most common design for homeowners. Chic, elegant and durable are rarely ever associated with a floor. However, hardwood flooring presents homeowners with a beautiful selection of interior options: Maple, Pine, Birch, Oak, Cherry, Pecan, Beach, Walnut, Hickory and many more. If money is an issue, you may want to consider hardwood flooring due to its long-lasting and resilient qualities. Hardwood flooring requires little to no upkeep, however, depending on the region in which you live, Mother Nature does play a factor in its appearance. Depending on the severity of the temperature and humidity or moisture in the air, hardwood flooring can at times alter in color and texture.

Bamboo Flooring: Are you someone concerned about the environment? If your answer is yes, than bamboo may be for you. Not only is bamboo flooring a greener alternative to more traditional flooring designs, it also comes in a variety of unique colors and textures. However, bamboo does require more maintenance than other traditional types of flooring due to its natural qualities. Water is bamboo greatest enemy. If left unnoticed for extended periods of time, water can produce a filmy glaze and/or peel. This highly renewable source of material is traditionally manufactured in planks, which are placed either vertically or horizontally.

Ceramic Tile: For water-lovers, or clumsy water-spillers, ceramic tiling is a perfect option. Although arguably less aesthetically pleasing than other flooring designs, ceramic tiles serve a broad purpose that fit a more active lifestyle. With its easy-to-clean elements and long-lasting durability, ceramic tiling allows your floor to get its money’s worth without losing much of its appearance or functionality. One important thing to consider when thinking about incorporating ceramic tiles into your home are grout lines, which are difficult to clean and can chip easily.

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