Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Center


When the warm weather comes around, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. It’s time to get the grill out and enjoy the fresh summer air. Sitting outside for extended periods however, can become boring after some time and staying indoors to entertain yourself can become unbearable.

Why not have the best of both worlds? You can create an outdoor entertainment center that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and stay entertained.

Creating an outdoor entertainment center will pay off in the long run. It is well known that creating more space in your home is one of the many home improvements that actually pay off. An increase of up to 1000 square feet can boost the value of your home by over 30%.

Opening your home to the outdoors creates even more value for your home. Although these projects often run into thousands of dollars, the value of your home will increase by tens of thousands depending on the project.

How to set up your outdoor entertainment center

  1. Invest in an outdoor TV

The bad news is that you can’t use a regular TV in the outdoors. You’ll be putting the TV at risk of damage from the elements. The good news is that there are TVs designed specifically for use in outdoor spaces. These TVs are resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. They are also resistant to damage by insects, dust and rain.

Be sure to also invest in a dust cover for your TV. This ensures that your TV is protected from dust and therefore lasts for longer.

  1. Invest in an enclosure

You can further protect your TV from the elements by investing in an outdoor TV enclosure. These enclosures keep the TV protected from the elements of the weather. They vary in size, cost and features. Be sure to read reviews about the different brands before you purchase one.

  1. Fight the glare

Glare is the enemy to both indoor and outdoor TVs. However, it affects outdoor viewing experiences more as there is a lot of sunlight to fight against. Positioning your TV is vital to ensure that you’re not affected by glare. Set up your TV in an area that remains in the shade throughout the day. The shade should also work to protect the TV from the worst of the weather elements.

  1. Running cables for the best picture

Once you’ve set up your TV outside, you need to connect it so that you enjoy the best content from your new outdoor entertainment center. This means running cables from within the house to your outdoor setup. This will require weather resistant outlets to ensure that the cables are not affected by rain and other elements. It is also important to ensure that you use tamper proof outlets. This ensures that the cables are protected from damage from animals and pests.

Ensure that you have access to the best cable TV content by comparing TV cable packages. This will ensure that you fully enjoy your new outdoor entertainment center.

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