Three Maintenance Tips for Home Roofs


The roof of your home is the most vulnerable part of your house because it is constantly exposed to the elements. High winds, hailstones, and extreme changes in temperatures can damage the roof, which can expose your home to water and air leaks. However, with regular maintenance, problems with the roof can be spotted and repaired early.

Annual Inspections

Even though the roof may be visible from the ground, homeowners should hire professional roofers to go up on the roof to inspect it at least once a year. While ground inspection with binoculars can spot many problems, less visible problems can be spotted by being on the roof. It can be hard to spot cracks around the chimney, rusted flashings, or soft spots on the roof from the ground.

Remove Vegetation

No matter what the roof is covered with, moss can become grow on it and become a problem. In addition, trees growing close to a house can have branches growing over the roof that can scrape over the tiles and damage them when it is windy. Tree branches should be trimmed so they don’t grow over the roof and moss needs to be removed by roofers in Mirfield to prevent moisture retention that can damage the roof.

Repair Fascia

If you notice the guttering is sagging in sections, it could be that the nails or screws are coming loose due to rotted fascia. A professional roofer should inspect the roof’s fascia and replace bad sections. If the fascia is okay, the guttering should be examined and, if undamaged, nailed or screwed in place again.

By inspecting the roof and keeping it free from debris and vegetation, more serious and expensive problems can be avoided. Since they have the appropriate equipment for working on roofs, professional roofers should be hired for inspections and repairs.

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