Power Flushing Can Revive Your Central Heating System


A plumber today offers all-inclusive services. Besides repairing pipes and making plumbing installations, they also perform boiler repairs and maintenance services such as power flushing. Power flushing is a measure used to make sure a central heating system is operating optimally. The maintenance solution prevents boiler failure, fuel wastage, and pump or valve failure.

Has Your Central Heating System Been Power Flushed?

If your boiler has accumulated deposits and sludge, this kind of debris can cause overheating issues as well as prevent the proper transfer of heat. Plus, if your boiler fails because it is not power-flushed, the inaction can void your heating system’s warranty.

Reduce Heating Costs

When boilers are untreated, the sludge and deposits can limit the flow of water and heat in a system. When this happens, you have to turn up the heat to compensate for the lost warmth. As a result, it costs you far more money to heat your home.

Is Your Valve Stuck?

The sludge that develops in a boiler is a black oxide sludge – a deposit that increases wear on the bearing and shaft. The sludge is the most common reason for pump failure or sticking pumps. When a valve is completely stuck then, you need to call out the services of plumbers in Bexleyheath immediately. A stuck valve can cause a radiator to run poorly or not at all.

If you have little hot water or no heated water at all, then it is time to contact a plumber to correct the problem. If you do not have a power flush, this can happen. The buildup of sludge can lead to a block in the heat exchanger and pipes, thereby preventing the release of hot water.

Black oxide sludge continuously forms in systems that are not maintenanced or power flushed. If you avoid the maintenance, you will probably here kettling or knocking sounds. Should you hear these noises regularly, you need to call a plumber right away.


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