Three Inexpensive Materials for Replacing a Driveway


If the driveway of your home is cracked or has potholes, then it may need to be replaced. However, replacing and repaving a driveway can be very expensive, which is why many homeowners do not bother to do it. There are some less expensive driveway options that can reduce the costs of replacing your driveway.

Gravel or Loose Stones

Instead of replacing and repaving your driveway with asphalt, you can choose to replace the asphalt with gravel or loose stones. It will take less to put it down and it doesn’t need time to cure as concrete does or dry as asphalt does. Also, it is never going to crack or develop potholes.

Tarmac Drives

If there is no problem with the structure of the driveway, then you may be able to pave over it using tarmac. This material requires less preparation time so you don’t need as much lead time for it to be laid over your drive. Tarmac is more cost-efficient than concrete or asphalt and a cheap driveway and paving company in Pudsey can install it for you.


Concrete pavers are also a good option for an inexpensive driveway. While the old driveway material will need to be removed and the surface levelled, the pavers can be put down soon afterward. After putting in pavers, the drive is ready to use so there is no waiting time for it to dry or cure.

Replacing a driveway should be considered if you’re going to sell your house and the drive has multiple cracks in it.


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