Taking Storage to New Heights: Shelving Solutions that Work


Shelving provides any room with much-needed storage space. However, shelves can often look boring, understated, and uninspiring – but this needn’t be the case.

With some basic style advice and some handy do-it-yourself tips, you can transform the bog-standard shelf into an interior design piece that stands out from the crowd.

Here’s how:

Creating a Full Wall of Shelves

If you need to create a lot of storage within one room, e.g. your office, why not design a feature wall that’s full of shelves? This not only provides you with all of the shelf space you need for your books, files, and accessories, but you can also establish focal points using plants, pictures, and other ornaments, which are mixed among your other essentials.

To find the right units, look for ones that provide enough space for your files and books so you can easily pull them out, while also considering the height of the unit. You’ll want to make sure everything’s accessible, so look for shelving units that are no higher than 210cm. Consider the weight of all the items you’ll be placing in the unit, too, allowing for studier hardbacks, files full of paper, and so on.

Finally, to make sure this piece stands out as more than just a storage solution, contrast the color of your shelves to the color of your wall. For example, dark shelves look great on a light wall and also provide the ultimate backdrop for all your ornaments.

Using Box Shelves

Box shelves really do create stand-out style features in your home and are great if you don’t need lots of shelf space.

These cubbyhole-style shelves are mounted to the walls, framing the accessories that you place within them. Get creative with how you hang them, putting them at different heights around the room so they almost become pieces of art in their own right.

You might also want to use this style of shelving above your desk, too, because these are great for placing books in to keep them tidy, removing any need for book ends.

And if you want to get really creative, you might want to line the backs of these shelves with bold, patterned wallpaper. Just make sure you’re fixing the shelves to the wall with substantial screws (like these) so the shelves can accommodate the weight of the items you’re placing in them.

Being Flexible with Modular Units

Like the idea of adding to a storage solution over time? Then why not opt for modular units that can serve more than one purpose. Opt for ones that give you the flexibility to arrange things exactly how you want (e.g. with adjustable shelves and/or drawers), perhaps even choosing solutions that’ll double up as other useful pieces of furniture. For example, a low-level modular shelving unit will work great as a seat when you place cushions on top of it.

As you can see, shelves have a whole host of designer twists that you can incorporate into your living space. By being creative in your choices you can create shelving storage that’s not just practical but stylish too.  

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