Three Home Renovation Projects for Plasterers


If you have an older home, updating it can be difficult because it may have been built using older materials such as plaster instead of the more modern plasterboard. To replace walls, you would need to strip them down to the studs and put up plasterboard. However, if you hire a plasterer, the walls can be repaired instead of replaced.

Renovations for Older Houses

By using different techniques and modern materials, Warwickshire plasterers can preserve the walls in your house and make them look great again. They can use joint compound to fill in cracks, chipped areas, and holes and smooth it out so they look new. Then, the walls can be covered with wallpaper or they can be textured and painted in any colour you choose.

Repair Cornices

Plasterers can also repair the outside of your home by fixing or replacing the cornices that have been damaged to due exposed to weather extremes. Most brick or stones houses have cornices that have cracked or fallen because of extreme cold and heat plus vibrations from traffic or airplanes overhead. Fortunately, plasterers who have been trained in home renovation techniques can repair or replace cornices to preserve the beauty of the outside of your house.

Floor Screeding

As a house settles, the subflooring can develop cracks and become uneven, which can make it difficult to lay new flooring. Fortunately, most plasterers are also trained in floor screeding so a thin layer of cement can be laid after the flooring has been pulled up. Screeding will make the floor level and smooth again so floating timber flooring, ceramic tiles, or marble can be installed.

Skilled plasterers can help restore your older home and make it look new again by repairing plaster walls, repairing or replacing cornices, and screeding floors so they are level once again.

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