Why You Should Make a Checklist before Hiring a Removalist


A vital thing for you to do when moving home is to make a checklist. It doesn’t matter at all if you think that your memory is the best, why take a chance of forgetting something, especially with such a big and important task at hand. Moving home can be an arduous task, so make things easy on yourself and start off with a checklist, so you can professionally get the job done much easier.

Write Down the Contents in a List and on a Label

Make a list of things that have to be done, like calling the removalists in Melbourne, make the booking after charges have been confirmed and the forwarding of any mail. Next, write down how many boxes there are and their contents and then label every box with a clear letter or number. Write down the items inside of each box next to its label and make it as clear as possible.


As in boxes! When moving, make sure to get enough boxes for the task. Actually, it’s even better to get a few extra, just in case. If there are some boxes left over after all the packing is done, you may be able to return the unused boxes to where you bought them. Enquire when buying them if they have a policy on returning unnecessary boxes later on. About 10 extra boxes for last-minute items will do. Rocket Removals are renowned and reliable removalists, check them out.


They’re not called fragile for nothing. Get lots of packing tape and paper or bubble wrap to make sure those delicate items stay in one piece. Try, using unprinted newsprint or regular packing paper as newsprint just may rub off onto your cherished pieces.

Nobody Likes Dirty

Many people forget to remember the cleaning end of things when they are moving. Make up a basic cleaning kit, as there’s the possibility that you might require it to spruce up your old home as well as the one you’re moving into, and after all good manners are good manners. Some cleaning liquids, disinfectant and sponges, rags, and rubber gloves should fit the bill perfectly. Keeping such things handy helps in saving time, which can be slight concern when moving home.


As in keys! (The other ones can be used for the house warming party later) Make sure to keep all of your keys, the old and the new, on two separate key rings. Don’t leave them lying around in envelopes or bags, they just might go walkabout! Only remove the keys when you are ready to pass them over to somebody else, or keep them somewhere safe place in your new home.


Documents of importance should be placed in a fire-safe, waterproof container, and kept with you. Don’t let them travel without you, because should they happen to go astray, it will take heaps of time and effort to get them all replaced.

Moving concerns? No worries!

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