Does Your Boiler Need a Repair or Replacement


If you want your boiler to last for years, you need to schedule ongoing maintenance and inspections. Do not ignore a small issue as it can grow into a full-fledged problem after a short length of time. For example, if your boiler does not work when you switch on the power, then your power supply may be faulty. Whilst the repair may be basic, the problem may necessitate a replacement too.

How Is Your Pilot Light Working?

If the pilot light goes out, the boiler cannot fire up and supply heat for your home or water. Before you call out an engineer, though, check the manufacturer’s instructions on the boiler door. If the light does not illuminate after your follow the steps, then it may be due to an ignition problem or an obstruction.

Do You Hear a Series of Odd Noises?

Sometimes Avon central heating installation and servicing professionals are contacted when customers hear odd noises coming from their heating systems. Strange sounds can result from a number of events. In some instances, the pump is not working properly or the heat exchanger is blocked. In other cases, the fan bearing is running out.

Do You Have a Gas or Oil-Fed Boiler?

In some cases, the gas supply is not working. To check on the gas, see if the other gas appliances in your home are operational. If the stop clock is working but your boiler is not receiving gas, then you have a supply problem that needs to be addressed. Maybe your boiler is fuelled by oil. If so, check the tank. If the container is empty, all that you need to do is add more oil.

You may need to replace your boiler if your home does not feel sufficiently warm. If your radiators do not heat up as they should or the boiler turns off a great deal, you are wasting fuel and therefore need to consider a replacement.

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