Complete Detail About Backyard Granny Flats to Know


Most people want their old parents or grandparents to stay with them instead of living separately. However, the problem arises with space. Usually, the houses have limited space and it becomes difficult to have room for everyone comfortably. Backyard granny flats offer the best solution to this problem. They provide both privacy and needed space for everyone.

Granny flat is usually designed for one or two people and is a self-sufficient living section. It is mainly constructed on the grounds of a nuclear family home. This flat can either be attached to the main house or it can also be made separately from the house. It is called a granny flat as people mostly keep their old parents in such flats. Other terms used for this kind of flat are mother-in-law unit, casita carriage, bonus unit, Oshana unit or accessory apartment.

Most of these flats are made in the backyard of the house and are also known as backyard granny flats. These flats can be used for young adults of the family or for nannies as well. They can also be given on rents to earn an extra living. Grandparents find these types of flats quite appealing because of the cozy interiors.  As multigenerational housing gets more conventional, granny flats become more acknowledged. Thus these flats have a good selling value.

Features in A Granny Flat

Most flats are small versions of a full-sized housing unit.  They have the following features:

One or more bedrooms

  • A dining place and living area
  • A kitchen
  • A bathroom

Sometimes the facilities in the kitchen are limited to a microwave or a mini fridge and have lesser safety issues. Sometimes these flats have also laundry facilities. It becomes difficult to fit lots of belongings in limited space in these flats. Granny pod provides high tech screening capabilities so that the people inhabiting in the flats can be monitored. Scheduled medication dispenser can also be installed in granny flats. Even toilets that examine temperature and do easy urinalysis can also be included in the amenities installed in granny flats.

Types of Granny Flats to Understand

It is quite confusing to choose what type of flat is to be designed. There are four different types of granny flats which are common:

Grans Cottage: It has a traditional design and offers more kitchen space.  Even the bedrooms are larger and bathrooms can be provided with laundry facility. The entrance of the unit has a balcony attached to it.

Eco-micro Home: This comes with more space with adjustable flooring and roof. This home also provides a bigger kitchen space and also two or three bedrooms. Moreover, this type of granny flat is immensely environment friendly.

Troughton: This flat offers more space than the other two. There is space for separate closets for each bedroom too. It has raked ceilings. This type of granny flats is quite stylish and appealing.

Corner Unit: This is a one-bedroom unit but can also be made into two bedrooms according to necessity. This flat is suitable for any corner of the backyard. A corner unit granny flat also has a communal deck which can be substituted for a paved area and is best for entertaining guests.

Advantages of Having Granny Flat

Backyard granny flats provide you the opportunity to live with your parents or grandparents without facing any inconvenience regarding space or privacy. Moreover, since they are self-reliant they make great rental units. Thus, it offers you to have some extra income without having any difficulties related to roommates. These flats have flexible designs which make it easier for you to customize the flat according to your need. These can be positioned in such a way that it gets less heat during summer and remains warm during winters.

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