Taking care of your roof during winter


Roof we know is perhaps the most important part of our house. For many reasons as it protects us from bugs, insects, and gives us a sense of protection above our head. A house may not have many windows, skylights or other flashy things but it needs to have a good roof. It is rather costly to get it fixed, replace and get a new roof. The good news is one do not have to spend on their roofs all the time. In fact it is not even a yearly cost, if you take good care of your roof, you may not need to spend money on your roof for decades. So taking proper care of your roof is something you should learn. Everything has a code and if you miss these codes, your roof may get damage sooner than you think.

Did you know roof needs different maintenance depending on different season? The care you need to take during summer may not need during winter. In winter you have to take different procedures. If you do not have much time to learn it yourself, just search for roofing contractors Ann Arbor and ask for their professional advice. They would consult about every query you have. No question is ever a silly question. Everything you need to know about taking care of your roof during winter or any season, they would give you an answer and tips to save your money and time.

Prevent Ice Dam:

Make sure your roof is not getting dammed by ice. If you country is a very cold one where it snows then you need to be extra careful about ice dam. Ice dam is common problem in the snowy countries. If your roof is wooden, then you need to worry more. You should check frequently if ice dam is taking place. Just in case if your roof has been damaged in certain area by ice dam, make sure to take action rapidly. No need to sit and wait for it to get worse.

Check Flashing:

Flashing is very important in order to keep your roof functioning properly. If your flashing is problematic, then chances are very high that you would damage your roof quickly during winter. Checking flashing may require a professional roofing contractor.

Check for Leaks and Fix them:

If you already have leaks in your roof, it is time to fix them. Checking for leaks is quite easy. If you find water coming in is the most obvious reason. Other reasons are granules on dump, gutter, dampen shingles etc. Another way of checking leak is during the day check if the sunlight is coming through your roof. If it does, then your roof has leaks and holes.


Trees are great for the environment but it may be hampering the health of your roof. If there are tree around your house and the branches are overlaying on top of the roof, trim those branches.

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