Taking Care of Your Tin Roof


A tin roof is something that the third world countries still have to deal with even in 2018! The first world countries may have only heard of tin roof stories or may have seen pictures. They are widely popular and used in poor countries because of their cheap costing. They are the most reasonable roofing material and they do last well if maintained properly. They are not hard to install and lasts well considering the overall budget.

A tin roof needs more maintenance done than other roofing materials. Because it costs so less, you do not mind working on it time to time. Tin corrosion is very common and a simple repainting can solve this. If you paint your tin roof in every 2 years, it will look just good as new. Painting has another good for your tinned roof, it prevents rust. While doing a repainting job on tin, make sure to scrape off any extra rust or paint. You need to properly prepare it before repainting it. Wire brush or scraper works well to get rid of the excess rust. Sometimes the entire roof does not need to be repainted, in that case, do small touch ups on those areas where the color has worn off.

Use a sealant that is good. Do some research or ask roofing contractors downriver Michigan to know which one is good. They can also apply the sealant for a small price.

Your tin roof would get holes sooner than your shingled roof. If you live in a rainy country, or a very sunny country, the holes may appear much sooner. It is very easy to detect holes on a tin roof. The sunlight comes right through a tin roof hole. As soon as you spot a hole on the tin, make sure to call your roofing contractor to fix it. The entire tin may not need to be changed for a tiny hole. You can fix it with another small piece of tin and attach it carefully.

A repair on tin roof is easy and takes very little time and money. But make sure not to mix different metals while you are fixing your tin roof. It will cause corrosion much sooner. Using screws help prevent corrosion on tin roof. The screws should have washers, that way they would not be gathering water in them.

Attending to your repairs as soon as you find them is the key to having a long lasting tin roof. It will give you proper service as long as you take proper care of it.

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