Surprising Things That You Didn’t Know About Your On-Site Drainage System


Over the years, professional plumbers have removed from commercial and residential pipe networks countless objects ranging from simple, unexciting items such as dead goldfish, plastic bags, and fractured ceramics all the way to human dentures, massive boa constrictors, bird’s nests, mobile phones, and other items that have no business being in a drain.

Addressing Sewage Issues in the UK

The top-rated 24-hour blocked drains services in Torquay can deliver reasonable solutions for any kind of plumbing worry that you happen to be struggling with but it’s important to understand the full scope of drainage complications in today’s day and age:

  • Every year in the UK, there are somewhere between 400,000 and 600,000 serious pipe blockages in domestic properties and commercial buildings.
  • Roughly four in every five of these obstructions are incited by everyday elements that can be found in most homes and businesses, such as culinary waste, paper products, viscous amalgams, and mineral masses.
  • Over the past 12 months, there have been approximately 5,600 floods caused by preventable plumbing difficulties and avoidable maintenance-related manifestations.

Industry experts have also determined that destructive pathogens, intestinal diseases, deadly viruses, and alternative bacteria strains flourish in neglected drainage systems, which underscores the critical responsibility of annual checkups.

A Simple Site Inspection Is Your Best Course of Action

Replacing all of the pipes in a typical 100-square-metre property is an extensive undertaking that can cost well over €7,000 and take multiple weeks to complete while an individualised inspection is a quick, streamlined task that you can perform for just a small fraction of that price.

This is why you should take a day off and arrange an expert site assessment as soon as possible; precautionary surveys are the key to avoiding huge outlays down the pike.



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