Top Home Improvement Ideas to Increase House Value


More than providing a roof to keep the family safe, the house is everyone’s haven and perhaps, the family’s identity. To make the house be the blissful paradise it opts to be, and home improvements may do the trick. More than for aesthetic purposes, home remodeling adds value to the abode in case the family decides to transfer to a new home and place the house in the market for sale. Home improvements also increase the building structure functionality and of course, every family member’s happiness quotient.

As families have their reasons for a home renovation, the most common motives are to extend living spaces, save on energy in the long run, and incorporate innovation and technology for a more comfortable living.

Enumerated here are top areas in the house that deserves home improvement if the family wishes to increase the house’s value.

Kitchen Remodeling

Many Interior Designers claim that the most significant returns on investment come from a kitchen renovation. More than its sturdy cupboards and always full of supplies cabinet, the kitchen is where families converge and make memories. It is the place where sumptuous home-cooked meals are prepared and where everyone’s birthday cake was whipped and baked.

For a kitchen to bring more meaningful family memories, remodel it in such a way that the spaces speak of function. Make sure the changes bring ease of movement and safety for everyone, especially for the kids. Allow the microwave oven, for instance, to be located near the refrigerated where one gets the food to be heated.  Ideal storage place is on top of the countertop or stove top. Its position, too, should be considered vital for members of the family to reach for it quickly.

Some experts agree that the kitchen has become the family’s social hub. To encourage more bonding moments, change those countertops to something that adds comfort and beauty. An example would be installing granite countertops instead which are proven to be durable, heat- and stain-resistant, and not susceptible to scratches.

Bathroom Improvement

Another bright way to increase the value of a house is to improve the bathroom. Upgrade the toilet and give it a fresh look by installing a Brondell Swash 1400. More than promoting cleanliness, this bidet seat helps the family save on toilet paper and eventually, the environment. Families then can disregard the need to buy toilet paper and in the process, reduce waste. It also allows family members to wash thoroughly without contaminating their hands.

Another way to make the house appear bright is to provide adequate light. In adding fixtures, do not spare the bathroom as a new light bulb would surely give the toilet and bath area a fresh look. Brighter bulbs not only lighten up a room but also create a more cheerful ambiance and provide an illusion of a bigger space.

Ceiling Upgrade

The ceiling is often neglected during a home renovation; this is because homeowners would opt to widen a room first or see a beautiful countertop by the kitchen. But during home remodeling, a ceiling upgrade brings added value to the house. Ceiling adds continuity and style to a living room or any part of the house. From metal to mineral fiber, PVC, and fiberglass, any type of ceiling adds visual attention and even creates an illusion of open spaces.

Repair leaks and electrical problems. Double check the ceiling for molds and mildew. Better replace the entire roof and ceiling if these issues persist than hide the problem with new paintwork. After installing a new set of ceiling, choose lighting fixtures that work best with it.

Home Improvement Ideas to Increase House Value

The house depreciates over time whereas the land where it stands appreciates in value. It is proper for homeowners to maintain the building structural integrity by continually checking its walls, ceilings, and other parts of the house.  A repainting job every after three to five years is prudent. Always check if everything within the home is functioning from doors to windows, water pipes, and even the lavatory.

Though homeowners do not have the slightest motive to sell or rent out their abode, it is best to keep its market value up. Proper home maintenance is needed, and a sensible renovation is a must once they see leaks and cracks on its walls and ceilings. More than upgrading its value and maintaining its beauty, a house must remain a blissful haven for family members.

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