How You Can Take Care of Your Residential Windows


We all know that windows are one of the important parts of the buildings. They enhance the aesthetic value and also perform other functions in the house. Windows if not taken proper care; they will become dirty and lose their appearance after few days. Pollution, rain, dust and bad handling can damage the windows. This is the reason we should always take care of them to maintain their appearance and also their functionalities. Here are few tips that you should do while you are taking care of your windows.

The care and maintenance of the windows do depend on the type of material used for making the windows and the manufacturer’s instructions given while installing them. You can also hire the professionals for domestic window cleaning who can come to your house and clean the windows with minimum hassle. They will save your time and money as well.

Taking Care Of Your Home’s Windows

If the windows are made of wood, it is very important that you clean them twice or thrice in the year. Wood gets affected by various weather conditions. When you are cleaning the exterior portion of the wood, you can always use the soft cloth and water. You can also add some soap to remove the accumulated dust particles. If the wooden windows are painted, you can use the washing liquid along with the water. If you find any marks or scratches on the surface of the windows, do quickly fill them with the window finish or the paint to reduce further damage.

Care of Aluminium or Upvc Windows

The windows made with aluminium or the uPVC do not require much maintenance as they are synthetic in nature and durable. For the grease marks on them, you can use water and washable detergent. Do not let the detergent stay on the surface of the windows as they might damage them. You can call the window cleaners who can provide the best cleaning solutions to your windows at an affordable rate. They use the latest techniques and tools for cleaning the windows of both commercial and residential buildings.

In case of the locks of windows, you require lubrication for making it work for longer time. You can use light machine oil for better functioning. You can also use the same type of oil for lubricating the hinges in the windows as well. Ensure that you protect and clean your windows in the right manner to extend their longevity and functionality.

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