Five Considerations When Choosing a New Garage Door


Along with the substantial increase of electrical garage doors in the past century, domestic garage doors have now become a minefield of choices for homeowners. Increases in the market and value of 4×4 vehicles have also fuelled garage-based requirements, increasing the need for more secure garages and larger storage space. In addition to basic needs, a vast variety of mechanisms, sizes, and designs are now available for homeowners to choose from.

Here are the top things that you need to consider when purchasing Attenborough Garage Doors.


The rather obvious first consideration is price. This will vary greatly based on the material chosen, size, and mechanical ability of your desired garage door. Although there’s a lot to consider, you’ll want to be wary of the cheap garage door. This is often poorly manufactured and made with less-than-secure materials that will cause you a lot of problems down the road.

The general order of garage door prices based on material goes such as this (lowest to highest):

  • Steel over doors
  • Steel roller shutters
  • GRP/steel side hinged doors
  • UPVC over doors
  • GRP over doors (high quality)
  • Sectional doors made of steel
  • Aluminium roller shutters
  • Timber over doors
  • Timber side hinged doors
  • GRP sectional doors
  • Timber round-the-corner doors
  • Silvelox timber over doors

Of course, this list is extremely generalised and one could immediately swap places based on colours, windows, special sizes, and manufacturers.


Materials used in garage doors are typically steel, aluminium, timber, GRP, and uPVC. With timber doors, a huge variation is available depending on species, although the most common are larch, hemlock, oak, and cedar wood.

Other than the price, the material chosen also affects the overall functionality and performance of your garage door. A steel garage is typically the strongest, with incredible insulation properties and strength. Timber is versatile with limitless designs. Aluminium is generally preferred for double-skin insulated doors or specialised section doors. GRP is also versatile and used for more mechanisms. Higher-quality GRP can provide a lot of strength but remain wary of cheap GRP doors as they typically have little material.


The mechanical aspect of your garage door is often overlooked in favour of flashy design considerations. It’s important to remember that the main purpose of your garage door is to function effectively. The way that it operates will depend on a lot of the areas outside and inside your garage such as a low ceiling, narrow entryway, and so forth.


One of the most common questions asked is how secure a garage door is. This comes down to the materials that you buy. You could have the greatest locks in the world but if a potential intruder decided to cut through your flimsy material, there is not much that you would be able to do.

Consider things such as foam-filled sections of steel. This offers a greater resistance to types of forced entry. The most secure door is a double-skinned sectional door. The over door system is probably the most secure but the price tag is often the biggest deterrent.

Reliability and Maintenance

Lastly, the most important part of your garage door is that it will work when you need it to and requires little to no maintenance. Remember, a door that looks great but doesn’t do what it’s intended to is virtually useless!


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